Gift set of cupcakes

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Hi friends! I already buzzed you all ears about spring!!! Meanwhile, we have in the street for the second day a terrible blizzard, a very strong wind. A storm warning was announced. But tomorrow is international women's day! Spring festival. Yeah. You have to organize yourself a holiday and spring mood)


Today I had a killer day. A day in the morning did not go according to plan. I want to tell you, what to do housework or bake, when at home is the child is 1.5 years - it is a real adventure))0 I need to keep an eye on a dozen things at once.


Today I decided to try to take the process of baking cupcakes. Their recipe you can find in previous posts.




I want to show you one of the holiday sets, that I baked and decorated today.



If you knew, what it took me to take these pictures and do 6 sets of cupcakes! But it will remain behind the scenes))) Although there is no, perhaps one thing photo I'll show.


I want to wish all girls, women to have a strong and reliable shoulder, to feel loved, to receive affection, attention, care and tenderness. We are so strong that sometimes we want to feel weak.

Importantly is to have spring in the shower and in heart) Thanks for reading

(All images belong to me and I have every right to their location)


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Die sehen mal wieder lecker aus. Machst du das beruflich?

Vielen Dank! Wenn unter "beruflich" du für den Verkauf meinst - ja)

The cake looks yummy, you are good at it. Keep it up.

Thank you so much)

Those carrot cupcakes look so yummy!! Lol I know what you mean about adventures! I have a 1.5 year old running around here all day too! Thanks for this yummy post! Now I wish I had a cupcake. 😋

This is a good reason to bake cupcakes! About the quest, you understand me like no other)

Oh yes! 😊

Это очень аппетитно выглядит!!!!!

Большое спасибо!

often things don't go according to plan @naditinkoff, but cupcakes make up for that ... 😉

You are 100% right) Thanks!

please make me cupcakes and follow me :) following and 100%upvote

Thank you so much)