How to Make a Two Tier Unicorn Rainbow Cake

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The unicorn takeover

Everywhere I look now I see unicorns! They are trending big time. I'd just like to point out thought that I had a huge framed poster of unicorns in my bedroom in the 1990s! I thought unicorns would make a nice theme for Mini Me 1's 9th birthday party. Plus I had seen some unicorn and rainbow cake designs that I had been wanting to try out for a while. I decided to combine rainbow icing and unicorns in one cake.

How to video

So the whole cake took almost three hours to decorate...a little longer than I expected but I think it was worth it. Watch the vlog to see how I did it (don't worry I've obviously speeded it up! :-D)

I think I could have taken a little more time over the finer details but overall I was happy with how it turned out, it tasted good and Mini Me 1 was thrilled with her cake and her unicorn themed party.

MummyImperfect x

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Very creative cake @mummyimperfect. I like the colors. NICE! Thanks for sharing.


Thank you :)

Thats epic!!!!

Hi @mummyimperfect I think the cakes looks really good. I'm sure it would have taken me even more time to do it and decorate it: D But well ... that's the way things are with moms, it would be good luck to have more time. Good thing it was a great surprise and satisfaction for your Mini Me 1


Thanks for reading :)

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Wow! That is a pretty and large cake :-D. She must be super happy with that cake. Love the colourful frosting and the golden unicorn horn! Happy belated birthday to your daughter! XO


Thank you. We have a big family and her friends came over too so I didn’t want to run out of cake :-D