Healthy Multigrain Roti Recipe (Vlog)

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Healthier Roti

I'm a typical Punjabi when it comes to Indian cuisine. I love rotis/parathas/naans/puris with my main meal. So basically I'm not a big fan of rice and have an obsession with bread! This recipe is for a healthier roti.


It contains cornmeal (makki) which is great for people who are sensitive to gluten. It's also high in fibre and iron.

Pearl Millet

Pearl millet (bajra) is also gluten free and high in fibre. It contains several essential minerals like phosphorus, zinc and magnesium and apparently has quite a high protein content for a grain.


I'm trying to cut back on wheat and only used a little in this roti recipe, just to bind the dough together really.


The proportions to use are:
1 part millet/bajra
1 part wholewheat flour (atta)
4 parts cornmeal/makki

Watch the vlog to see how I made these rotis and please give them a try:

MummyImperfect x

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It sure looks delicious and healthy too! I love roti.
Thanks for sharing @mummyimperfect.


I've only started discovering how many types of rotis there are in India...and the rest of the world!

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hmm it looks so good! I'm German and we love bread haha. There are so many different kinds.


Bread is so satisfying! These days some people thing it makes you fat but it's all about balance I think.


yes exactly! And there's also a lot of healthy bread like the dark one..

Looks so yummy! i love Indian food actually looks pretty healthy too which is always a plus :) Have an awesome day. Great vlog :) Xx


Thanks for watching :)

your food looks great. This is also our turkish cuisine