Super Easy Cheesy Potato Fritters in only 6 Steps

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Super Easy Cheesy Potato Fritters is one of the easiest most yummy recipes I know, it is really filling and is great for almost any occasion, enjoy it as is or with a dip of your choice.

Step 1

Finely grate 2 onions

Step 2

Grate 3 potatoes

Step 3

Grate 2 handful's of cheese and one block of feta cheese, add all the ingredients to
a mixing bowl

Step 5

Add 4 eggs, 2 cups of flour and combine

Step 6

Add blobs of the mixture to a lightly oiled frying pan on low heat and cook through until
golden brown on both sides.

Step 7

Sprinkle with salt and enjoy

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Yummy @mrgrey. Comfort food. Looks devine!!

Thank you :) I have to admit if it wasn't for my mom in law I would not have learnt this recipe lol

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