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Have you ever wondered if the content you were producing on steemit was up to scratch ? I have often wondered this, Its easy to blame whales or whatever else for your lack in success on steemit but have you ever done a introspection to see if your content was worth the vote ?

Get Reviewed By Your Peers

So here is the Idea I would like to propose to the Steemit community, let us make use of a #reviewme tag which will encourage others in the community to review your work and to give you a honest opinion on what they see before them, this will then give you an idea if what you are producing is any good, what needs to change and if there is anything you need to add, perhaps even the subject matter you use may even be a problem or how you tag your posts.

How Should The Tag Be Used

Whenever you would like your content reviewed simply place the #reviewme tag in your tags section and in the end of your post perhaps write a short sentence saying some like "Please Review My Post And Leave Your Advice In My Comments #reviewme"

Reviewing Content

When reviewing a peers post, please be honest but do no be harsh please keep the following content guideline in mind.

  1. Content must be unique and not found anywhere else on the internet.
  2. Images should preferably be linked to source.
  3. Does the post convey the intended message.
  4. Check if the post is tagged correctly.
  5. Do give your opinion used on the post title.

Any Other Suggestions Are Welcome :)

Please Follow Me @mrgrey

Please Review My Post And Leave Your Advice In My Comments #reviewme


Not a bad idea, maybe you'll start a new trend! I would hope that everyone who's serious about getting anywhere is open to a little honest feedback. So here's mine:

Good points:

  • Nice use of structure; breaking up paragraphs with section headings and a list makes the content flow well and easy on the eyes.
  • Post has a theme and sticks to it. It's easy to tell what this is about and it delivers a single, well articulated message.

Things for improvement:

  • Title image is kind of generic; it feels like it's just there for the sake of having something there.
  • I don't like being explicitly told to follow you at the end; it comes across as a little aggressive. You could probably find a more tactful way to work that in.

Thank you @cryptomancer :) your review is much appreciated.

Personally I don't find your way of asking for followers as agressive, but if you are to take @cryptomancer's advice, perhaps the use of an image url like the one I use would be a little lighter.

Thank you @beanz I did add the please after but I like your idea of an image which may be more of a attention grabber

Brilliant idea! I will consider that for some of my posts.

I think there is more you can add to the review guidelines though to be sure that the people writing the review are giving constructive criticism. If somebody wants to argue why your point of view is "wrong" for example, this is not a writing review.

A review should focus on the writers ability to get their point across and their use of coherent language as well as the ability to grab the audience and hold their attention. (among other things)

Perhaps the bottom of the #reviewme post could even ask questions like these.

Hi @beanz, I really like your idea ! thank you for your input.

@mrgrey great post!

As a writer on steemit whilst I am happy to receive votes what I am really after at the moment is to know someone has actually read my story, if I could get some real feedback and opinions that would be amazing :)

I hope this takes off, good luck.

Upvoted and followed!

Great post as always @mrgrey

thank you crazycow

well done mrgrey I really love this idea

Thank you biker

fantastic Idea !

Thank you !

On my next post I am going to do this

Good thinking mrgrey, being reviewed by ones peers is a great addition to the community

Im hoping it works :)

Thank you for this great idea, I will definitely be making use of the tag in future

thats great afristeem !

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