Not your REGULAR Breakfest Diner

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It's Sunday and I'm starving for a home-cooked breakfest. So after dong a little research online I came across a small little mom and pop restaurant in Wallace Emerson Community in Toronto, Canada called Hello Darling

You would miss this place if you were driving by or just walking by. Which I'm a big fan of not selling to sell. The fact that I don't know they place exist without finding it online is intriguing to me.

As the name of the place sets you up to the overall experience of this cute place. It's very warm and inviting as if you were going to eat at your grand mothers house. Where everything isn't picture perfect, from the cute note on the door to the coat rack as you walk in. You feel like you just came home.

The place is filled with a mix of people enjoying their Sunday brunch. As I wait in line I notice the chalkboard on the wall which had the menu written on it. Which I'm glad I did as just like when you eat at moms she doesn't have menu's to give you. They simply tell you what they have or have you go over to glance at the menu on the wall. Limited choice but when you do something well you don't need 20 items to cook.

The open concept keeps the theme of warm and inviting throughout. I notice all the dishes, cups, cutlery throughout are all a mix as if your grand mother collected them over the years. A mix match of fun, almost like they want you to have a little different experience everytime you come back. Nothing is cookie cutter in this establishment.

As I was waiting for my meal, a little longer then usual as the waitress pointed out. I was given a coconut macaroon for the delay. Although I wasn't waiting too long, it was a nice gesture. The service is nothing less then spectacular.

Finally my food arrived and it was exactly what I pictured, a big portion and a well presented plate. A piece of artwork in my opinion. I was excited to dive in!

Upon finishing I noticed the couple next to me who was taking home some of their left overs. Which was carried out in a brown paper bag, just like at moms! The attention to detail in this place is unreal. I highly recommend to try it out as you will have a wonderful experience. I paid for my bill and was given a little muffin as a thanks for coming in. It was there version of giving you a mint with your bill. The best part was they gave it in a little brown paper bag! Which made me leave in even a bigger smile then I already had 😄

If you are ever in the Toronto area, definitely go check out Hello Darling!

Hello Darling
827 Lansdown Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario
M6H 3Z2


Great place and nice food.
Friendly concept for coffee shop and cafe.

You can also find Aceh traditional food in my post dude.
Hope you want to resteem that for promoting local.culinary

I'm headed over there right now. Will follow you as well!

That blue plate look like some my mother had in a china cabinet when I was little. I enjoy places like that where everything is more personable.

We have a few places like that around here that are off the beaten path and unless you heard about from someone else you would never know it was there. One of them looks like it was an old house that was converted into a dining area. They are only open about 3 hours a day for lunch and it is always packed.

Totally agree. I've always had a theory that you never needed a big place if you can just keep the seats full and the turn over good. More then enough money to make a profit in the restaurant business. Just not as easy to do so of course. But the little things go a long way. Great comment!

One of my favorite things to do when I’m vacationing is checking out spots that have been featured on Triple D. Now, I’ll have to add all yours to the list too! :)

Oh yea always can't go wrong for any of the feature spots. ;)

Hey, you might be interested in following @vaansteam for his Steemit posts. Also, I was given a tip to enter as many contests as possible to help me grow... I resteemed two this morning in my blog and will do another this evening that you might be interested in. (the 3rd isn’t posted yet but I know it’s coming, lol)

Thanks @countryheart I definitely will start!

What's better than a classic diner? A really cute one that reminds you of your grandmother!! Great post - looking forward to checking it out!

@frontrow haha they will open with open arms!

What a fantastic and interesting dinner👍 Looks like a place I would love to visit👍 Thank You for sharing!

@daviddivergent Yea it's awesome! You will leave with a smile. Very fun neat unique spot. Thanks for the upvote!

You are welcome👍

I need to go to this place! I love a good breakfast, the toasted bread, and the egg, I think it's one of the essentials for an awesome breakfast for me! Nice post 🙌🏻

Yea if you look at the menu there's a bunch of dishes I want to try but I'm old school and just had to have the standard breakfest. haha But I'll be back for sure!

Hahaha, well I'm very traditional with breakfast, I prefer to try new dishes for lunch or dinner, but the breakfast is sacred for me! Always with a cup of coffee and orange juice 🙌🏻✨

well said...Our post are tying together. haha

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hey thanks for the support! I just followed you as well. I am heading over to check those pages out right now. Thanks again for resteeming and stopping by

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