Today diner time

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Salam good morning all my steemit friend ajj maien app ko apni diner kye photo share kerehai hoo daal ik food hai aur ajj maine ghar maine daal khai hai jao mujhe bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai aur pasand bhi hai mere ghar maine saab loog uss daal ko bhut hai zaida pasand karte hai aur shouq sy bhi khtai hai maine bhi bhut hai ziada shouq sy daal khtai hoo aur enjoye kartai hoo.yeahi food mujhe aur mere bachion ko bhut hai zaida acha lagtai hai woh uss food ko bhut shouq sy khatai hai yeahi daal hai aur sheath kye lyeahi bhi bhut hai zaida achi hotey hai aur mujhe bhut hai zaida achi bhi lagte hai.


mere saath mere dost bhi yeahi daal bhut zaida pasand karte hai.dostion daal ik food hai hum uss ko roti kye saath khtai hai yeahi bhut hai zaida pasand kye jatey hai.aur yeahi app kye sheath kye lyeahi bhut hai zaida achi hotey hai uss wajha sy maine apni bachion ko achi khurakh hai detya hoo humsha aur takey woh humsha sheathmaand aur achi rehai.

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