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Ciao Steemit Bellas, Be Italian!

The first rule of pesto is that there are no rules! Pesto really just means paste, which opens the doors on all sorts of delicious ideas!

Traditional Pesto, vegan, is pine nuts, basil, garlic and salt.

You can make it with a blender, food processor or mortar and pestle.
Pesto is traditionally served on toast, or pasta, but you can put it on baked potatoes or even HUMMUS!

Arugula Pesto
This gif recipe below, to me, needs a bag of pine nuts added!

Pistachios can also be used in pesto, which I think would also improve the arugula gif pesto, but if you serve it on bread, it might be excellent as is.

Every person who knows a vegan knows that we all call Nutritional Yeast NOOCH. It’s an acquired cheesy taste. Supervegans strive to use the NOOCH that has been fortified with vitamin B. Here’s a recipe that I might actually try, which spotlights PESTO made from pine nuts and NOOCH! I also like that they added peas because that adds protein and greens.

Asian Peanut Pesto
Now that your mind is all hungry and pesto-open, you can also go crazy with this peanutty PESTO idea:

Recently I harvested some eggplants I grew. I washed them, cut of the ends, then baked them. After they were done and cooled, I put them into my food processor with a TON of garlic and some Celtic Sea Salt. No fat, no muss, no peeling the eggplant and guess what…THAT IS PESTO TOO!

What are YOUR ideas?

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Thanks Steemians!

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Oh yeah, it's a very tasty dish! Thank you @micheletrainer

This is really amazing dear that's looking so awesome thanks for sharing it : )

its looking so tasty


Thanks @masterlegend Is basil in season where you are? It is in California yay!


i am from bangladesh mam

wow,,awesome healthy food

i like this type of foods,,thanks for share,,i need your invitation


you welcome

Hi @micheletrainer why you always make me feel hungry eh? hehehe, i love pesto with some dried fruits as almond


@dim753 oooh that's a great idea....with almond and pine nuts and fruit...hey that's sounds like a cookie! lol


Jajajajaja @micheletrainer yes like a cookie but try to add some nuts and you will have an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Regards

yummy !! It's fun to enjoy. You give us something very special every day. Gif and Giphy have made it easier for us to make it in our kitchen. I think there is nothing more beautiful than to say thank you so much @micheletrainer and have a wonderful day!