JAPANESE BABY WEANING STYLE: How to make the vegetable soup

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Hello Steemian parents,

today I will introduce one of the basic recipe of Japanese weaning method: the vegetable soup. If you are interested in this weaning style, this soup is undoubtedly a MUST-KNOW since it is very nice, healthy and helpful.

enter image description here

During the first few weeks of the weaning period, babies only eat rice porridge and vegetable puree, you can use the soup to cook porridge or mix it with the veggie puree to make the puree more watery so that babies can consume easily. The naturally sweet taste of this soup will definitely increase babies’ appetite. According to Japanese weaning documents, we should not use spices such as salt, sugar, etc for babies’ first year. Therefore, it is a great idea to take advantage of the naturally sweet flavor from vegetables to enhance the deliciousness of baby foods. For example, rice porridge may sound boring, but adding the vegetable soup into porridge will make it slightly sweet and taste better. By doing it, you don’t have to use sugar or other spices :)

Here is the very simple recipe:


  • 80g cabbage - sliced/chopped
  • 80g carrot – cut into pieces
  • 80g onion – sliced/chopped
  • 200ml water

How to:
Boil 200ml water and then put all the vegetables in the pot, continue boiling with small fire.
Remember to cover the pot, and after 20 minutes, the soup is done.

I often pour the soup into the freezing trays when it is cooled down, then put them into the fridge. When we prepare the food, we can take them out, very quick and convenient :)

These are my dishes using the vegetable soup:
enter image description here
Rice porridge – carrot puree – veggie soup
enter image description here
Spinat porridge
enter image description here
Carrot cabbage soup
enter image description here
Pumpkin and asparagus udon
enter image description here
Some mixed porridge dishes
enter image description here
Seaweed rice – veggie soup
enter image description here
Vermicelli with veggie soup, tomato, pork minced

I hope some of you will find my recipe useful. From my experience, it is great since we can use it to cook many other dishes. In the next post, I will introduce another basic Japanese soup for baby: Dashi.
Thank you for reading and see you soon <3<3<3


Looks good.

maybe we'll try this for our next child. We mainly did banana and other fruits when we first introduced him to solids. Your recipes sound like a good balance and very nutritious.

Yep you should try, I think Japanese weaning is really healthy and logical, they even calculate how much needed for the child each period so that he will receive enough vitamins, minerals but also not get fat. That is why we rarely see children with obese in Japan :)

Did not know there was a weaning style....up voted and up voting my contents will be appreciated. Following.

Thank you, there are quite a few weaning methods, all of them have pros and cons but I find Japanese style the most suitable for me and my son ^^

I am a follower of your notes, congratulations great job thanks for the desserts

Looks very yummy , I may have to try and make this. Upvoted and followed
💋 @halo 💋😇

It is very very simple, but make sure you follow the exact amount of ingredient to have the best outcome. Thank you for your support ^^

I will show this simple recipe to my aunt. It´s perfect for my little baby cousin :)

Yes, please do. I used this soup from my son's very first days of weaning, it is really helpful ;)

I lived in Japan for a while many years ago and missed this completely. Great post !

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