Getting Sponsored Products!

in food •  6 months ago

Hey guys,
Today I got some free cutting boards from Ironwood and I was just so happy about it thought I would make a quick short video giving some insight into sponsorships/free products and what happens when you make a big youtube channel.

For those of you that are interested in seeing my youtube channel this is it: How to make sushi

also, I dont think I can make this post without plugging the two cutting boards out of respect for ironwood, so here are the two cutting boards are:
Charleston cutting board
Carolina board

I hope you all enjoyed this quick video, its a little random but I hope you enjoyed it :)
follow me for more @makesushi
lastly see my last post here: breakfast

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To be need great marketing


very funny


well I'm glad you found it funny

Cutting boards or cutting boards are unique and nice, hopefully very prospects and have good sales potential

Very cool, that's a nice cutting board!


it is indeed a very nice cutting board

Wow. Getting sponsored items is the dream... Congratulations and I will check out your youtube channel if I can find it...


it is indeed a dream, I did add a link in the description to my channel but here it is again:


Great, thanks...

funny.. ;)