The Worst Combination of Food That Makes You Fat

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Hello everybody!

Today I want to talk with you about a things that you need to be careful if you want to lose weight and prevent the gain of excess body fat.


Do not mix carbohydrates and fats

This is probably the number one rule in preventing the gain of body fat.
It's ok to mix protein and fats and protein and carbs, but what about carbs and fats?

When you eat carbs, especially fast carbs (sugar, white bread...) you raise the level of your insulin and if you eat fat while insulin levels are high from the carbs - eaten fats will go to fatty tissue on your body.


So, in every meal you need to have proteins. You can mix protein with both, carbs & fats. But never carbs and fat!

From my opinion, the only exception is breakfast.
After sleep the body has long been without food and in need of all the nutrients. So, ideal combination for first meal of the day from my opinion and experience would be 50% of proteins, 35% of carbs and 15% of fats.

When to eat any of combination of food?

You surely now wondering when and what to eat?
The best results you willl get if you eat combination of protein + carbs as the first meal of the day and meal before and after training. Other meals should be a combination of fat and protein.

Meal in the organism must enter a certain amount of nutrients. It must be adapted to the age, body type and current needs.

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Especially sweet and meat... it spikes insulin levels and so much more.

Good information. Thanks. Do you have a sample menu of each meal to eat? Do you think the amount of calories you eat in a day play an equal roll as the combination of foods? Thanks for the post.