My Home-made Tiramisu' - Italian Traditional Recipe

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Today I prepared the Italian Tiramisù.
This is an italian cake, a quite recent recipe, because it was created in the 1960s, probably in Tuscany, or Veneto or Friuli Venezia-Giulia (three regions in the north-center of Italy).
It's basically a variation of the "Zuppa Inglese" recipe, or "Trifle".

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  • 6 fresh eggs
  • sugar (150 gr.)
  • mascarpone (400gr.)
  • one small glass of liquor (I used Rum)
  • 8 cups of italian espresso coffee
  • Savoiardi buiscuits (400 gr.)
  • unsweetened cocoa powder (20 gr.)
  • sweetened cocoa powder (20 gr.)


  • separate the eggs' reds from the whites of the eggs and put them in two bowls
  • whip the eggs' reds and add 70gr. sugar, little by little. After having added all the sugar, start gradually adding the mascarpone to the mix while whipping, until you get a creamy mix
  • whip the eggs' whites in the other bowl until stiff, gradually adding 70 gr. sugar to it: be careful, first whip the eggs' whites for a while, then start adding sugar very gradually, otherwise the mix will not be stiff enough
  • gradually add the stiff eggs' whites to the reds, trying to keep the mix airy and soft, this will be your final cream!
  • prepare the coffee adding about the liquor and 10 gr. of sugar to it and putting it into a large soup plate
  • take a baking tray or another square container and start creating a first layer of cream
  • dunk the Savoiardi one by one into the soup plate with the coffee and then put them over the cream, until you don't cover it entirely
  • add another layer of cream, then put a very thin layer of cocoa powder over it
  • create a new layer with dunken Savoiardi, then cream and another layer with cocoa powder
  • cover the baking tray and keep it in fridge for 6 hours before eating it (if you are able to resist so much time before eating it) :)

Some Steps of Preparation

The Final Result

The Authors

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Glad you enjoyed! :)


Well I did, mentally. I can't have any of these delicious things atm.

Keep posting these!

· it!'s so easy to do, and very delicious! Thanks so much for your kind words. I'll keep on ! (;


All good! The thing is that I'm on this crazy diet of only liquid food...
That's why I like to watch these type of posts :D


You are crazy! (;

I love tiramisù. Thanks for sharing this!


Thank's so much!'s really amazing dessert! (;

It's a lot of work! Thank you so much!


Thanks so much! (;

Excellent recipe and I totally didn't know this dish was a relatively recent thing!


Thank you @ meesterboom! I did not know about this too ... I just ate! Steemit is good for this, encourage us to do research! (;


I agree, its the perfect research!!

Fantastico! uno dei miei dolci preferiti! Well done my friend!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


Grazie mille my friend! (;


Thanks so much! It's a really delicious!!! You must try! (;

Wow, great job, we love tiramisu!


Thank you! too I love it! (;

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