A fading district has a story to tell #2 – Shum Shui Po, Hong Kong 深水埗,香港的舊區

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A fading district has a story to tell #2 – Shum Shui Po, Hong Kong 深水埗,香港的舊區
The previous post of this series was on a vintage ‘ice’ restaurant, to keep the theme consistent, this post is also about food but street food to be exact.

Street food hawkers pushed their carts around to sell street food without permits. They could be easily found in the public area just outside the Golden computer center. Anti-hawker patrol has kept an eye on every non-permitted selling activity, which has made hawker selling almost impossible. To date, street food on carts can be rare but street food sold in stores with health and food permits can be found around the same public area.

A local slang ‘sweeping street’ means that a person buys and munches on whatever street food he or she can find over the street like a mop sweeping every niche of the floor and making it dust-free. It is a great metaphor illustrating how diverse street food can be but one does not need to sweep street anymore because many stalls selling street food offer a wide variety.


Street food is sold on skewers and common choices are simmered fish balls, simmered octopus, simmered squids, deep-fried peppers, deep-fried tofus, deep-fried fish balls, deep-fried egg plants, deep-fried pig intestines, stewed beef brisket and intestines, grilled pork, grilled beef, grilled chicken wings and imitation shark fin soup.

Enjoy the variety of wallet-friendly street food you can easily find in Shum Shui Po. The point is: Standing on the street while having skewers after skewers of street food “delicacies” can be a whole new experience to remember.



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