Sunday Cook # 2 Cuttlefish and bean stew (Feijoada de chocos )

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What is Sunday Cook?!

On Sundays, I like to prepare more elaborate and delicious food. Usually, I cook some traditional Portuguese food, or at least with Portuguese inspiration :) I try to do it in a healthier way, using the minimum fat as possible.

During the week I don't like to spend much time cooking (no time at all), that's why I get totally motivated to cook on Sundays!!

Now I found an extra motivation, I really like to share this Sunday Cook posts with my Steemian fellows, today I cooked even better!

This Sunday I cooked:

- Cuttlefish and bean stew

In portuguese, we say Feijoada de chocos, but this is not the typical dish you'll find in traditional restaurants. I like to add cabbage because the meal gets healthier.


  • cuttlefish (800 g)
  • cabbage (400-500g)
  • beans (800 g)
  • 1 onion
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • tomato (400 g)
  • 1 carrot
  • red-pepper (a bit spicy)
  • cayenne and black pepper
  • laurel
  • salt
  • olive oil

1. Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan and introduce chopped onion, garlic, and laurel, let it fry for 4 minutes. Then add the chorizo and spicy sausage slices, let it fry a little more. Wish you could smell this...AMAZING!!

2. Join the cuttlefishes and white wine (optional, I used red wine and it was ok as well). After the cuttlefish releases the first juices, add the tomato and with the saucepan covered let it cook for about 10 minutes.

3. Add the chopped cabbage and 2 glasses of water, season with salt & pepper and cover again to cook for 10-15 minutes

4. Add the carrot (5 minutes cook), and finally the beans (another 5 minutes)

Before serving sprinkle with chopped coriander

I love to eat this tasty cuttlefish stew with rice!!

Hope you enjoyed this sharing!! It's real tasty. My boyfriend said this was the best cuttlefish and bean stew I've ever done.

Proud :)

I will come back with other Sunday cook delicious :D Stay tuned!!

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Your sweetheart is lucky! His stomach is always full and satisfied with your cooking.

Sometimes he's lucky:) Mostly on Sundays ;)

I love seafood, so I'll need to come visit the hottest country in Europe soon!

You won't regret!! :)
Portugal is known for his delicious food (also cheap). We have amazing bread, wine, fish, seafood and very rich cuisine! I can recommend a wonderful and cheap place in the southwest Portugal where you can eat the best seafood in the world! (they close for a long period during the winter)

Sounds like a seafood gourmands paradise ... I'm going to have to get my cold buttocks over there soon ... we had the first sign of snow here in Scotland today!! ...

Dumfries, Scotland
1/250 ISO 100 F5.0 / Canon IXUS 230 Point and Shoot.

I stay enchanted when I see snow, in Portugal usually snows in "Serra da Estrela", but it's rare in other parts., especially in the south :) Today it's raining (Tmax=17ºC, Tmin=7ºC), but we're having sun for the weekend! Not bad :)

Here it's leaden skies all day. Cold with a HIGH of only 5C and a LOW tonight of -1C. A first true glimpse of Winter for us all here today. YIKES!!

Good luck on that!

Perfect Steemit Winter blogging weather though ;)