Eating in Thailand #Thai hotpot 在泰国吃泰式火锅

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I love those milk tea on the streets of Thailand. I was so addicted to it, I had to drink at least two cups everyday.


Thailand is one of my favorite countries, and Thai food is my second favorite food, (of course Chinese food is always top 1 for me.) I firmly believe that everyone loves Thai food, so today let's talk about Thai food.
When we were in Thailand, we ate Thai hotpot almost every night, there are many Thai style hotpot on the streets, which is absolutely cheap. And what I also quite like Thailand is they never cheat on tourists, even though there are full of tourists everywhere.
Thai hot pot soup has a strong flavor, it tastes like beef soup, and it mixed with local vegetables, so the soup tastes fresh and non greasy.
This was the first Thai hotpot that we ate in Thailand.


There are night markets everywhere in Thailand, this was in Ayudhya, the fish was so fresh and tasty.


We ate the barbecue and hotpot buffet in Bangkok, it costed 159baht per person, which is just 5 dollars.
All the street food in Thailand can be at ease commonly go eating, don't have to worry about food safety.


This is the hotpot that we ate in a fancy mall of Bangkok, but it's not really good, just the sushi is ok.




Here is the hotpot and barbecue buffet that we ate in Chiangmai, the beef was so soft. the restaurant located in old city in Chiangmai, where near to the old gate. It costed 3 dollars.



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对啊 哈哈哈 巨便宜

yummy :)

great looking food, and i am now following you, hope you follow back

I like Thai fresh food :) I must go try too one day :)

Amazing.. I like your post..

You've got me so excited to be going back to Thailand. I've spent maybe two years of my life in Thialand. I can't believe I haven't been there in almost 5 years. So I have a ticket to Bangkok August 6th. I'll be spending the next four months in Thailand with one month being in Laos.

Isn't it great in that part of the world. I've been budget traveling and living out of a backpack for the better part of ten years. I've been writing highly informative travel reports, people really seem to like them.

Thanks for getting me more excited about Thailand. Following and up-voted!



Wow, so cool that u can stay in Thailand such long time. I really like Thailand, I can enjoy life and relaxed so much over there. I checked your travel blog, like them, following!


Yes i feel very fortunate, there is a reason I'm home in NY for 5 weeks, and in Thailand for four months. People back home don't get it. I get questions like why would you want to go to Thailand? I say because I love it there.

Glad you are having a good time in the land of smiles! Enjoy!

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delicious :)