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Had an awesome dinner in congee village recently! Congee village is a quite famous Chinese restaurant and showed up in several movies.


Appetizer: fried razor clam. Yum and juicy!!



Main dish: fried lobster with noodles. The noodles sucked up all the juice, amazing :-)



Sizzling hotpot with pickled fish and diced chicken. Also phenomenal!



If you are interested to try, the restaurant is in Manhattan, New York:



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you always eat healthy stuff sir

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très bon travail, bon continuation

This food is making me hungry ;) What movies is the restaurant in? If I'm ever in the area I will definitely check it out!

i am really like this type of food but nowadays this food is very costly

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Damn I'm hungry .. well done on the pictures, good for you
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

Wow, looks yummy! I love the sizzling dish the most, because of the eggplant.

yum :)

典型的广东小炒,你真会享受 :)

The foods seem delicious. I really want to try it. But unfortunately, my country is so far from New York. I love lobster and noodle. Enjoy your dishes. If you have time, I would be happy if you visit my country. There are many delicious and unique culinary. For example like this IMG_20180405_120720.jpg

this also looks so gooood!! where are you from?

Thanks. I come from Indonesia, exactly Aceh province where the tsunami happened in 2004

Thanks, now I am hungry! Best wishes from Gemrany.

lobster noodles look great!

They look really delicious
I also have a thing for Japanese food and restaurants they cook the best food😇

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I love lobster specially while preparing it with tamarind sauce


Mmmmm que rico es disfrutar de la comida china! Me dio hambre de tan solo ver tus imagenes porque tambien es mi comida favorita

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delicious 😜😜

Wow tremendous dish looks super, good post

再来个教程就完美了哈哈 yummy

I love your publication that so exquisite food that photo so great those foods that you name are very good I like the kitchen so very good publication of that dish esquisito

Gorgeous food. The pictures really capture everything.

Village restaurant meal is always good. Enjoying eating food with garg environment is different. You also enjoyed many

Chinese food is really good! If not the best. Why didn't you use chopsticks @leftbank?

testy, healthy food, thanks

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Thanks ....

No wonder the restaurant has awesome dishes.The foods looks really delicious.

At my favorite brewery they have bathtubs full of Weissbier that they let me bathe in. I'd love a spa day of bathing in beer while enjoying this food.

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Mmmmmm! So much can be done with tha chicken ~ love it!

wow looks so delicious! I love Chines food


Friend the fried lobster with noodles, it looks spectacular, New York has the world of cooking, even better taste than in the country of origin of the recipe. Grettings.

This food is very delecious and owesome.I like this item.Good for health.Thanks for sharing.Thank you?????????

great.. food publication,,

elegant dish

hot tasty. Really awesome dinner.

I love your dinner..great for you

very tasty food intriguing my appetite I really like

I took my wife for some all you can eat sushi last night. Now we are both in the bathroom.

WOW! Everything looks soooo yummy!!

Oh my goodness! this just made me so hungry! looks so good!

Se ve exquisito ese plato, Buen provocativo post.

I got hungry, how rich everything looks!

The sacred Chinese of Asian delicacies. please enjoy

That looks tasty , I hope someday I can eat something like that .

Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards

That dish looks delicious or Mama Mia

Wow....Love this post. Looking at the dishes you posted...they are looking great and amazing. One spectacular thing about the three dishes is that they were all have an input from vegetable and fruits that are of immense benefit to the body because of nutrient and vitamins in it ,....Lovely post


The eggplant looks good.

Why you did that? u.u

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