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Colorful breakfast to celebrate steem approaching $4 again!



Thank you for reading. Your comment, upvote, and resteem are my biggest motivation to post :-)

谢谢您花时间看这篇帖子。您的点赞评论和转发是我持续发帖的动力 :-)

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Thanks everyone for the kind reply! I enjoyed all of them and upvoted 4 with >$0.2 payout :-) I will keep giving back to the community and grow with it!

Well done, nice meal .. looks delicious
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing the recipe




话说 我不是银行啊 :)

你不是左边银行 leftbank 吗?一起吃饭的是右边银行吗,rightbank?:)

哈哈哈哈 其实是左岸的意思

哈哈,原来是左岸。不过以后还是叫你银行吧,银行多霸气 😊

Morning breakfast is very healthy and I believe that it should be necessary.
I really loved momo.!

Vege Momo.jpg

I agree with you


Your photography and arrangement is just so awesome...........I can see strawberries , maize and other interesting things. This diet is quiet lovely and healthy in the sense that the fruits included as part of the ingredient can be referred to as superfood. strawberries contains antioxidant, essential mineral and phytochemicals which are greatly needed by the body system and the maize is also interesting. Maize is a good source of carbohydrate and dietary fiber...Your post is such a blast!

That looks sooooo good! I'm jealous hehe.

wow it's fantastic

Along with the delicious breakfast the way its has been served and presented makes it even more unique

无论steem 价格怎样都要好好吃早餐:)

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healthy stuff wow

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Looks healthy! Upvote and best wishes from Germany

wow, unique and interesting food presentation. a very beautiful photo. I'm sure the food would be good. yummy ... It really colourful breakfast

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This looks amazing! Too cute to even consume...U could just sit and stare at it..loool
Check out my post on frozen yogurt!..am sure you'll love it!

Now that's food art right there! That looks delicious


It’s really very colourful breakfast... looks so delicious... and it’s healthy too... and it’s also a great news and it’s time to celebration for steem approaching $4 ... thanks for sharing ....

I like to eat health and, as you said, it is a colorful breakfast. All look very appetizing. Cheers

That's quite the breakfast. Not sure I've ever had corn for breakfast but it looks pretty tasty right about now!

Great friend, spectacular breakfast, keep going up and celebrate all, I hope the next post is $ 5 and upload something fantastic. Regards

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Judging by the design of your holiday table, this holiday is as joyous for you as the New Year ;)

Super beautiful and tasty looking breakfast! @leftbank

i love mo mo .. yummy ..thanks for sharing

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@leftbank 嘿 你好!我叫凯琳!是柬埔寨人!请跟着我!你的早餐看了很好吃吧!

That breakfast looks so nice! But you gotta treat yourself with such a strong Steem price. Continue making good posts! 加油!!!

Muy colorida, parece de ensueño, se que que la prepararon con mucho amor y cuidado en el balance, me encantaría un desayuno con esa sutileza, pero cambiando en toque oriental por el venezolano, o una mescolanza entre ambos, jajaja, saludos y felicitaciones, espero su nuevo trabajo...

wow....owsame food..... looking very delicious and nice photography

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its not the best....

wow it seems so delicious and cant wait eat this . And mostly i like dumplings and boiled corn.

very astheticly pleasing :D

Such delicacy..... Looking really good

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wow...i think it's so yammy.it looks like so delicious.

Ciekawe czy równie dobrze smakuje jak wygląda.

Good morning! image.jpeg

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