I made Chiken tikka Home made bread roll Recipe

in food •  last year

1 kg plain flour.
5 gram yeast.
3 tb spoon sugar
In the flour mix 5 gramg yeast sugar and add some milk make a dough and leave it in warm place for 5 hour until it raise to double

Now make balls like this

Give it a fish shape by cutting the loaf

Now Make a tikka use tikka masala add some butter ,gram masala, etc and some cabbage.
I just found it on a facebook group and give it a try it was so yummy...

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Good Jobs jee

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looking delicious want to have a bite of it

Hmmh Looks yummy

Wow looks yummy,thanks for sharing👌

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Oh so you are a cook also... great man :)

This food is so delicious.

Oh wait? You are Pakistani too??? :D

Hey! I loved the shape of the Tikka bread rolls. Looks delicious. :)