Fruity Salad Delight

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A taste bonanza, mixing divine sweetness with a spike of tart dijon mustard dressing to tantalize the taste buds.

What's in it?

• romaine salad
• broccoli
• cucumber
• tomato
• avocado
• carrot
• mushroom
• onion
• celery
• raspberry
• mango

• dijon mustard (1tb)
• olive oil (1t)
• balsamic vinegar (a dab)
• pepper

  • Chop up the veggies and fruit into small pieces. This allows you to taste multiple pieces at the same time to increase the palette flavor.
  • I start with the salad, mix in the dressing, add the veggies on top (celery, onion and mushrooms last), then grate some carrot, followed by the sweet-tooth touch of the fruit on top.

Yum :)

You can add any veggies, any fruit. It tastes great usually. On a rare occasion a mixup might be a slight bad match ... hehe.

This makes a nice brunch meal as well, with both vegetables and fruit mixed it.

2016-11-22, 11:40am

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this looks delicious! i bet that mango was real mangos. very nice post, thank you

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Hey @krnel, I've been following your work on evolve consciousness for a while. Good to see that you are being rewarded for all your hard work! Thanks.

Hey hey! Good to have you join Steemit. And thank you, yes it is good to be rewarded for it rather than doing it for free hehe.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Definitely. I would be interested in your opinion on my article "The postmodern curriculum", I haven't had any feedback yet and I think you might find it interesting.

Nice. I ranked you up a bit:

Started at Level 25 Rep...
comment upvote at 50%
post upvote 100%
post upvote 100%

hehe :)

Thanks. I'm working on outlining some more practical details for the project now - will definitely help give a sense of what I'm trying to achieve. I'll keep in contact ;)

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

That looks very good!! Did you invent it?

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Yes I did. :) It's good indeed. Takes a while to eat it all though lol

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