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Japanese Soulfood Ochazuke

Ochazuke is a genius invention. For example if you have rice which got a bit hard or it is cold and you want to eat something warm Ochazuke is the perfect dish for you. It is basically rice with toppings and than tea will be poured over the rice.
The Ritz Carlton in Tokyo had a Ochazuke day last time, so I tried it and it was super delicious.










In the past it was probably food for poor people but these days (same with Sushi) it is celebrated by chef's from all over the world. The finest rice and toppings and great tea used for a great Ochazuke. There is simple fastfood Ochazuke packs too, where you just have to add hotwater over the rice and the tea powder, wasabi, ume and nori etc.

I have seen Ochazuke stores in UK, USA and many Asian Countries so if you want to try this just google it in your neighborhood.

Do you like Ochazuke ???

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It's probably delicious both for fast food ))

It is totally amazing. After eating the rice you drink the tea

Nice i like it

Ohho Looks so delicious ... Yummy thanks !!

@kanozaki its Really delicious!! If you find the ingredients for ochazuke, try it out. If not in the morning, then have it as a snack. It is salty, but other than the high sodium content it's generally very healthy. Personally, I feel that the combination of all the ingredients pictured below is not only delicious, but it's fun. Texturally and flavor-wise, this is great stuff.

@knozaki2015 i have new post today about travel and food
maybe you like :D check it

this post i resteem :D

Awesome @knozaki2015, i really like soul food thanks for sharing.

Never heard of it before!

What's that yellow bubbly thing that looks like butter (can it be that simple)? And the red and white dish after that?

Sorry thats tofu with ikura fish roe. The other ines are desserts

Aah, thanks for explaining! The red/white dessert looks quite delicious :-)

nice dish sir hope u enjoy it new dish very much

I have never tried Ochazuke, butI think I like all of the "Leftover" cuisines. Foods where ingenuity finds a way to re-use foods from the previous nights dinner.

My two all time favourites are Pad Thai and Pizza. With Pad Thai, you throw your leftovers into noodles, then refry them, with pizza, you throw your leftovers on some bread dough and bake it.

Using tea on the rice is a nice twist. That would add some nice floral notes.

Yep it tastes fantastic

I didn't eat but I think it's delicious! Thank you very much dear @knozaki2015 for sharing!

You have to try!

awesome u eat it and drink juice sweets and sweets

sure its a world best tour for u and hope u get some more best after this brother

Great results! Thanks for sharing

I never had experience with "ochazuke", but I can feel your experience and it says that's a delicious food that I need to taste as soon as possible!

Thanks for sharing your great experiences with us!


If yoy try let me know if you like it

Ochazuke its really new for me japnes soulfood ochazuke is it sweet dish @knozaki sir

If you try . you will love it

@knozaki2015 Fast food!!!!!!!!!

It is healthy fastfood

its look wonderfull and delicious sir i think its sweet

Ochazuke sounds absolutely amazing.
Despite the fact it sounds a bit weird and uncanny from your description it seems like it is something pretty delicious.
I've never had the pleasure to try it before but I will do if I ever see it on my days out.
Great Photographs @knozaki2015

Yeah. It is awesome. Try it out if you ever see it

wow sir u today u r a new food and eat it alone without us like always

Oh dear veey sorry about that

I loved this recipe but not able to pronounce it correctly. What is the proper way to pronounce it?

Great post, thanks for sharing!

That looks real tasty! :)

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing

I can't imagine it with tea! Sounds delicious!

how it taste ?? looks very delicious you are on a roll :D