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For this week challenge I'd like to make Belarusian national dish "Draniki" It's in fact potato pancakes:)
3 large potatoes
1 onion
1 egg
salt, pepper to taste
sunflower oil
sour cream, greens


Potatoes and onions rub on a small grater

Add egg, salt, pepper

Fry until golden brown

Serve with sour cream and greens

Bon Appetite!

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@kenjiby funny I bumped into draniki during the weekend (now they're smashed) just kidding.

I wasn't expecting a Greek Steemian to come up with his own version of the Draniki and by the way it's not just Belarusian I believe - the Russians and several countries in the EU make this.

Entry acknowledged!
Good luck!

Belarusians are obsessed with potatoes )

Gorgeous presentation @kenjiby!

Thank you)

PLEASE dear upvote my post

I love savoury pancakes... I'd eat these :-)

@woman-onthe-wing I'm loling now cause I can't write your comment's last 3 words or I'd be bombarding the house with gas :D

Ha ha! :-)