STEEMIT CULINARY CHALLENGE #16 : Taco with avocado

in #food5 years ago

For this week challenge I'd like to make my favorite taco with avocado :)

Ingridients for tortillas
corn flour 1 cup
wheat flour 0.5 cups
salt 1/2 tea spoon
vegetable oil 1 tablespoon
120-150 ml of warm water

Ingridients for stuffing
meat (pork) 300 g
onion 1 pc
3-4 cloves of garlic
chili pepper 1 pc
tomato 1 pc
red kidney beans in tomato sauce 1/2 can
Avocado 0.5 pc
Cheese 50 grams
salt and pepper to taste


Mix the corn and wheat flour and salt.

In warm water, add 1 table spoon of vegetable oil and stir

Add water with oil to the flour and knead the dough.

Divide into 6 parts. Roll out the dough between sheets of baking.

Bake on a dry frying pan on both sides.

For shaping hang tortillas on the grill in the oven.


Cut the onion, garlic, chili pepper and fry in vegetable oil

Cut the pork into cubes 1x1 cm

To the meat was juicy roll it in flour. Excess flour sift through a sieve.

Meat add in the fried onion-garlic-chili. Salt it and pepper.

Then add the diced tomato

Add the kidney beans in tomato sauce and simmer 5 minutes

Add a pinch of sugar and cut greenery

Cut the avocado into strips, sprinkled with olive oil, pepper. Grate the cheese

On the tortillas spread the meat with vegetables. Then sprinkle with cheese and avocado

Bon Appetit!


@kenjiby good job! I just need to remind you to edit this post - you should describe what it tastes like .. that is if you still get to see this -

I do this, too!

For shaping hang tortillas on the grill in the oven.

just don't forget to brush oil on those grills though ..

Am glad you're posting again ..
Entry acknowledged! Good luck!

EDIT : Congratulations!

Looks delicious @kenjiby Good luck in the challenge I will follow you

Fantastic food photography, done super well. I am sorry I missed this, I was traveling. I hope you continue with food post, you do it very well.

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