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Compliments of the season everyone, Its Kay once again to get you thrilled, educated and updated. I'll spice up the post with a whole lot of pictures, that I shot during this entire process.

Men Do Cook

Ladies get yourself a man that can cook.

All the way from Nigerian ama give you a brief tutorial on the nigerian rice and beans.

Some people use groundnut oil with tomatoes, while some prefer it with just palm oil. I do love mine with palm oil.


The major ingredients for this meal include:




Palm Oil


To every meal prepared, the first priority is cleaning. to get rid of unwanted parts, as well as lessen the microbial activity/growth by a certain percentage. Thus so that what ever is taken into the body is resourceful to the body

Step 1

You Begin With The Beans

At this state the beans might have been picked, dehulled and destoned. Thus the next step is washing.

Why Start With Beans?

Beans takes a great deal of time to boil, there are various methods to make beans softhen faster.

  1. Adding salt to the pot of beans while boiling.

  2. Adding limestone to the pot of beans while boiling.

but the best and safest method i would recommend to anyone is

The use of Pressure Pots.

As you can see here after washing I used the pressure pot to boil the beans which actually makes it boil quicker.
Let's say 20 mins tops the beans is soft and brought down the fire.

Step 2

The Fish

The fish is then washed properly, which thereafter is cut into reasonable pieces for easy consumption.

Here it is being seasoned with:



Maggi Cubes


Red wine maybe added for prefered taste and aroma.

It is then kept on the fire to steam.


The Rice

This is washed before being put on fire or after being per-boiled. I like doing the both before and after.

After which it is put in a pot and kept over the fire.

While the duo (Fish and Rice) are being boiled respectively.

Blend crayfish
Chop onions (tho I really hate onions)
Blend the peppers too
Start cleaning up I really love the sight of a beautiful clean kitchen, clear of all forms of dirty utensils and dishes

By now the rice is boiled and the the fish is ready also.


Put the oil in a pan or the preferred pot intended to be used to prepare this meal. While the oil is being heated up add onions then proceed with turning the water gotten from the boiled fish. Then you can then add the boiled beans. As shown below.

Use a wooden stick or spoon preferably while mixing and turning like I did here.

Allow it to boil a little, then add the per-boiled rice.

At this point you add the crayfish and the rest like of ingredients to make it taste to your appeal.

You thought I forgot about the fish itself Huh!, Hell No.

Reason the fish hasn't been added yet is because it is prone to shattering and breaking.

Most people love the shattered fish in foods even I do love it. But on this scenario I just needed it whole.

After everything has been added to the food and properly stirred making them evenly distributed. The fish is then added and this makes the end of the stirring part.


The food is left over the fire to dry.

I repeat it is left over the fire to dry, ### Not to burn.

Thus after the whole episode you have made yourself a nice dish it Rice and Beans with Fish.

You are Most welcome.

I took you through.

Points To Note


Stay hydrated while cooking.
Don't let the kitchen boring as per it could cause you to sleep off.
Play some music it's actually helpful.
You need a nice playlist while cooking
You know you could try those dance moves while cooking I do it alot.
Do not you you phones near the gas cooker.
Treat yourself nice. Do some tasting.
If the food comes out bad take the blame don't blame the oil, pot or water nor the salt.

It's been Kay the Chef that's what I prepared for dinner.
Watch out for my next update.
‎thanks for the upvote ✌️😍
‎I love y'all.


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Whaaaooo guys do cook, how impressive 😍👏👏👏

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