Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Almonds Recipe | 10 minute quick snack ideas!

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Hi guys, I'm back with another recipe. This time for super yummy chocolate covered pretzels and almonds. I don't know anyone who does not love chocolate covered goodies! Which is awesome cause to be honest you can modify this recipe with any nut, chip, dried fruit, etc of your choosing. This recipe will literally take less than 10 minutes.


-Handful of pretzels
-Handful of Almonds
Or any nut, chip, dried fruit, etc of your choosing.
-2 oz of chocolate chips or bar( white chocolate, dark chocolate, semisweet, milk chocolate etc all work)




  • Place chocolate in microwave safe dish
  • Microwave at 10-15 second intervals until melted. Stir chocolate after each interval 10-15 second. This will help prevent burning which may occur if you microwave without watching it( I know this from personal experience haha).
  • Lay out a sheet of foil, wax paper, or parchment paper on a pan or plate small enough to fit in your freezer
  • Dip chocolates and almonds into chocolate and place on prepared sheet
  • Put in freezer for 5-10 minutes until chocolate hardens
  • Remove from freezer and enjoy!



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So simple it's Genius :)

You've inspired me to pick up supplies on my next visit to the grocery store and have a whirl with creating some tasty home-made munchies :)

Thanks, Much appreciated :)

You won't regret it! They are so addicting. Have fun! :)


well written, excellent photos . Big upvote

Thanks for the constructive feedback!! Glad you enjoyed this post.

wow that looks delicious.
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You're welcome, enjoy!

Just come make it for me, tho.

White chocolate is better!!! Lol These look good anyway!!