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RE: Miss. Delicious #72 : The Swimming Pig Gastro Pub at Baha Mar!

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This post accentuates the best of what you do. You're not simply writing a travelog or producing a photo essay, but you're taking your followers on an adventure to exotic places .

But it's not just an escapist fantasy either, because your review of the various resorts and accommodations is detailed and accurate. I could see you syndicating your posts and having them published in magazines or even daily newspapers seeing as you produce them rather frequently.

Today's post is an excellent example of what you do because you are reviewing a brand new resort, the Baha Mar, and as you point out in your post, there aren't a lot of reviews or descriptions of the amenities and a prospective traveler would get a first-hand report of what to expect.

Generally, your reviews are very positive but a discerning reader will notice small tips, for instance, about the lag time between placing an order and being served. If a person enjoys an unhurried dining experience that would be an ideal. Me? I 'd be out of there fast because I want what I want when I want it - but that's just me....hmmm, the story of my life I'd say :)

You also include a wealth of photos, so many that I feel I've been there enjoying the golden haze of light in the dining area or seeing the light sparkle off the gold draft beer tubes.

As always, a gracious and delightful experience of an exotic locale. Good work, @sweetsssj!


Thank you John, you've analysed my style rather thoroughly and i'm really happy you've picked up on the way I like to present things, that means you know exactly what to expect when you look through my posts. As always, I really appreciate you spending the time to read through the writing part and pick up on the finer details.

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the photos are so great and i want to congratulate you sweetsssj..for sharing with us the beautiful 3 Tides Restaurant on Baha Mar, the pigs pictures are also cute.hmmn the food looks so tasty and all fresh. i feel so hungry on your post.Lol..thumbs up to you my dear.i love to see more in your post..take care always my dear..^_^

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very well said john.