TRAVELING LIKE @sweetsssj !!

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There is a strange relationship between what we see with our eyes and between the ideas in our minds, our new ideas need new places, our big ideas need a huge and huge view, we can not find these things and we are sitting in our homes


travel in the world of man new ways to solve his problems And the challenges that travel, you are independent and this raises the level of fatigue that you have the most important motivation to travel is to renew the energy that you have.

when you know new people new cultures new languages ​​are all reasons to pump new energy in your body and your mind, Look at the airport panel that has to arrive and leave the aircraft, to any Your destination is not important to be important outside world, slow death is to stay in the places where we have become accustomed


Thanks @upbuzz for introducing me to your travel plans like our very own @sweetsssj
I know you can thrill us also with your travel escapades.. as such you win my support and upvote
now where are you heading to? I need serious adventures like swimming with the crocodiles ;)

Or a race with the tigers..!
wish you all the best...