Jen's Recipe of The Day - Bacon Bites

in #food3 years ago

Hello fellow foodies! Here is another recipe card I designed. Hope you enjoy it!

baconwraps copy.jpg

Much love,

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you had me at bacon lol

@alexabsolute I love bacon! We tend to buy it when it goes on sale and freeze it to save it so it is always on hand. It is so versatile when it comes to cooking!

Good idea, you’re right it is super versatile

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nice article and i upvoted some of your other articles

@hirushaperera Thank you very much! I will try to look into some of your posts when I get some free time and comment! :)

@jennifer78 yes for sure i will tell you.

@kmayegaindia Thanks! I'm wondering if anyone else will like these little appetizers!

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You are starving me out!

@colecenters You work at a market that sells food! You shouldn't be starving! haha But there is leftover Venison spaghetti and plenty of it if you want to stop by tomorrow if you have to work. We can save you some!

I do work tomorrow and I'll do that! Save me a plate please.

@colecenters Will do, my friend! Will put your name on it so it's not eaten by mistake!

Thanks. This was so good.

@colecenters You didn't eat the bacon bites! haha But you did have the venison spaghetti, so thanks! And you're welcome!

These were very good yesterday!

Thank you! Glad you liked them!

When are you making more?

@vernonbaker When we get more bacon! haha


I've had something similar to this from the store. It was bacon wrapped chicken or something.