Baked Cabbage with Browned Butter and Bacon....Yum !

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Last night I decided some baked cabbage sounded good, so off to the kitchen I went.

It's very simple to put together.

I first cut my cabbage head into wedges. You can cut them any size you like, you would just need to adjust your baking time if you leave them really big. I had a medium size head and I cut it into 8ths (cut it in half, cut each half in half (ha ha) and then cut each quarter in half again).


I put approximately half of a stick of real butter in a small pot (or maybe more... more is better right?)..... and turned it on to brown while I prepared the baking pan and put the cabbage wedges on it. ( You can use margarine if that is what you have) I cover my pan with foil. That is not mandatory if you like to do lots of pan cleaning afterwards. 😄


After the butter had browned, I drizzled it over the top of the wedges.


THEN..... I draped some bacon over each wedge. For these there is a half slice of bacon on each. (half slice, cut into 2 pieces)


Then into the 450 degree oven they went. I baked them 30 minutes covered in foil, then took off the foil and baked them another 30 minutes. (If you leave your wedges larger you will need more baking time..... however, much more baking time and you may burn your bacon)


OMGoodness..... right ?? Yum-a-YUM-YUM...... !


Ready to dive in ! I couldn't grab a fork fast enough...LOL !


There ! So easy... .right?

It's a Sweet Sunday morning here. Happily Sunny and 50 degrees. Would not be bad if there was not a chilly wind blowing, but that's ok, I'll take it !

Hope you all have a most wonderful Sunday, however you choose to spend it.

Love you !




I have to say that I never seen this before! This looks absolutely beautiful! I am buying some cabbage and going to try it. Wonder how it would be with Napa cabbage? We just an outstanding post! Well done Jacey!

Thank you !

I'm not so familiar with napa cabbage, so it would be hard for me to advise. It looks a little leafy from the outside and I can't tell how solid the inside is.... or not.

Amazingly, buttery cabbage is delicious ! I didn't know that till the last couple of years.

Yes it is leafy, much like Lettuce. I think I like cabbage however it is done. I was
raised on it!

I've always made mine in a cast iron skillet on top of the stove, but I love roasted veggies and I bet this would really enhance the flavor... And the addition of bacon? Yum!

Bacon can make anything yummy.

I mostly stewed cabbage in a dutch oven before, sometimes with just a little bacon fat, salt and pepper, sometimes with other flavorings. Then one day I saw (probably on Pinterest) a recipe with thick slices of purple cabbage with olive oil and gorgonzola cheese that you baked in the oven and I thought.... ."I never thought of that"..... so the testing began and so far, I've really enjoyed the outcome. Who knew? Now I see so many recipes for baked cabbage and they call them Cabbage Steaks.....LOL.... Fun and Yummy....

We used to just call it fried cabbage. I'd put wedges in the skillet with some butter. I learned that method from my mother in law, and since my family all loved it, I made it frequently. The oven method sure would have saved a lot of dish washing!

... and anything that saves dish washing has to be good.... right?? LOL

Exactly! Although now that I only have myself to cook for I sometimes miss the mess of cooking for the family!

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I love cabbage! I would make it without bacon though :) Will definitely try it!

I understand. Maybe with bacon on special occasions? :)

Buttery cabbage is very good, with or without anything else.

I have never tried baked cabbage but that does sound and look so good I plan to try this myself soon :))

I didn't think about baking cabbage till a few years back, when I saw a recipe where you slice a whole head of purple cabbage into round slices about a half inch thick. (It called them cabbage steaks... ha ha) You brushed both sides with olive oil (and salt and pepper if you like) and then roasted them on a baking sheet in a 425 degree oven for 25-30 minutes or till the edges started to brown. Then you pulled them out, sprinkled them with a little crumbled gorgonzola cheese, popped them back in the oven for 5 minutes or until the cheese started to bubble and Vwa-La!!

I really enjoyed them. Whoddathunk to bake cabbage?? Not me before that !

Hope you enjoy it if you do decide try it.

I have read about people who use cabbage instead of bread for burgers when dieting, not sure I would try that but these baked ones especially with bacon do sound so good, I already have cabbage on my grocery list for next weekend

you can not look at such posts on an empty stomach.)) Since everything looks very appetizing.)

Thank you.....

It was very tasty.

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