Best Restaurant in Kampot

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Hi everyone ! So here's a review of my favorite restaurant that I've been to so far in Cambodia and it definitely is high up on the list for my favorite restaurant in South East Asia so far .... Its that good !

Anyway the restaurant is called Chantara's kitchen and its located in Kampot which is a smallish town located near the coast of Cambodia. The style of cuisine they offer is described at Khmer and Creole so all the dishes have a little bit of influence from creole cuisine. If you wondering why its a mash of these two cuisines that because the guy who owns it is from the Seychelles and his girl friend that does all the cooking is Cambodian. Oh and I almost forgot there lovely dog Toby who just adores attention haha.


I stayed in Kampot for 4 days and we ate a meal here pretty much every day, I just fell in love with the place. So I tried pretty much all the main dishes and loved everyone of them. I even started to try fish which I don't normally eat and it was amazing, they buy it from the local market every morning so its definitely fresh food. For breakfast they have an amazing fruit salad which is a huge bowl of different fruits such as banana, mango, watermelon and dragon fruit and only costs around $3.



All the staff are super friendly and will sat and chat about what you have planned for the day and recommend the best places to go and see. They even gave me an umbrella when it was raining so that we could both walk home without getting soaked.



I have nothing bad to say about the restaurant its just delicious !


Thanks for reading and be sure to check out this restaurant if your ever in the area.

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nice work


Glad you like it

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Yummy! If I’m ever in Cambodia I’ll be sure to look it up! Everything looks wonderful!