Kue Lupis (Lupis Cake)

in #food3 years ago

Selamat pagi para steemian, selamat memulai aktivitas nya di Pagi ini. Bagi Penggemar makanan tradisional tentu sudah nggak asing lagi dengan lupis ini. Lupis merupakan salah satu jajanan pasar tradisional yang sekarang ini keberadaanya semakin sulit ditemukan. Paling-paling, kita akan mendapatkannya di pasar-pasar tradisional saja.


Ayo kita leetarikan makanan khas kita supaya tidak dilupakan oleh generasi-generasi muda nantinya

Good morning steemian, good start to his activity in this morning. For fans of traditional food would have been no stranger to this lupis. Lupis is one of the traditional hawker market that is now more difficult to find existence. At best, we will get it in the traditional markets only.
Let's preserve our typical food so as not to be forgotten by later generations


Thanks 😘

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