Red tulip smoothies

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do you have spring feelings already? I think this post cant describe better how I feel recently.
I bought these tulips at the weekend and they supposed to be just an add to my food pictures. It was a completely accident, that they were a perfect match to the smoothies I made. I was checking how would be the best way to integrate them into the food pictures. Finally I put them on the top of the glasses just as experiment and they never have looked more completed as that. So here you have a couple of pictures showing the play, I was enjoying, with tulips - my inspiration.

This post is calling spring you should come! We had very cold days recently.....❄Actually we all wait for the warm ones....These pink tulips are made from beetroot- banana-apple smoothie/ nice cream and coconut milk. I just tried one spoon while preparing them....omg very nice and healthy as hell. I hope you will enjoy the result as much as I did😍😁🐭


1 medium size raw beetroot
2 frozen bananas
1 coconut yoghurt or any other white looking as it's just for the colour contrast
10 tbps water
1/2 fresh squeezed lemon
1 apple
1 tsp inulin
1 tsp maca powder
1 tbsp vegan protein (optional)

Blend all ingredients apart from coconut yoghurt till smooth and play doing layer in glasses. Use the coconut yoghurt to get some patterns and good fats.


The black background was als a try and I think, it couldn't turn in to a better result. The darkness exposed the beauty of t flowers colours in the best way. I mean these two smoothies just jump out of the picture, which is always my goal by taking pictures of food Fotos.


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Already summer here hehe. Always love your recipes and presentations. So beautiful!

wegańskie przepisy??
i jeszcze jakie pieeknee!!

dziekuje i polecam sie na przyszlosc:)

Waldek, this is the most beautiful dessert I've ever seen! 😍🌷🌹🌸

Thank you Monika you are much too kind😃🙌

Ohh the tulips and your smoothie match perfectly!!! Thanks for the great recipe, I love the beet root in there ♥

They have not only came out as a nice colour smoothies but the taste was amazing too.thank you😁🌱

I can imagine, it looks super delicious! Have a great day 🌸

Ok, that's it. I feel like I won looking at food-photography now that I've seen this :)

Haha thank you.the light was really good thats why it turned into so well photography👌😃🙌

Beautiful smoothies and the swirls matched the tulips perfectly! I have never used inulin, I will have to try it. Thanks for sharing @instagoodfood.

Thank you I was happy with the accidential result too😁 It's a nice add to smoothies and healthy drinks.

Those smoothies look great!
I also love tulips (:

Thank you! Yeah I love them for many should go to Netherlands Keukenhof to see the mist beautiful tulips park.

I once drove past there with the train, it looked indeed very beautiful ^^

its really worth to go there for longer.

Amazing presentation, wow! 🌷

Thank you I am also very pleased with the result.😁👏🙌

Unglaublich tolle Fotos!!!

Vielen lieben Dank Niina:)

Danke für die Erwähnung xxx

Wow, these pictures make my mouth water. So beautiful. I love beets! They are so good for you. Can't wait to try- Thank you

thank you and I hope if you will remake the recipe you will like it too!

These looks so Beautiful!! I love the color and the sharpness of the photo :)This must be a new favorite of mine from you :)

haha thank you Nicole It was Herman who took these pictures ;)

Haha, he have learned from the best 😂

Those are stunning, especially with the tulips! I made beet smoothies this week, but mine aren't quite that pretty. 😁

thank you my dear! i am curious how your recipe was?

I did raw beet (with the greens), raw parsnip, fresh ginger, banana, frozen red berries mix, and ground flax all blended with water. The color was actually vibrant, and the flavor was good--I just don't have the artistic flair that you have to make my photos so nice! :) I'm going to make another one today, so I think I might add some apple like you did. I love apple and beet together!

It sound really great. I need to try this once. Beetroot smoothies are a challange cos the key is to break the characteristic taste of them. I recently discocered that avocado gives a nice texture and consistency in smoothies.

I'm glad I don't mind the taste of beet, so I don't usually mind if it is a prominent flavor. :) Avocados are a nice addition. I usually eat them all up before I can put them in a smoothie, though!

woooow amazing.... :-)

thanks a lot:)