Rainbow strawberries coconut chia pudding!

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My late lunch cup with three colors of strawberry coconut chia pudding made my day...We just have the peak season of strawberries and the beginning of cherry season. I brought both from south region of Germany (Freiburg) and these were just amazing. I have been eating them all these days. Real food that grew in Sun and local is just the best.

In the glass:

400g strawberries
250g coconut yoghurt
1 tsp inulin
1 tsp maca powder
4 tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp organic baobab powder with many valuable nutritious from @tooggaworld
handful of cherries

Blend the strawberries will all superfood ingredients and divide into 2 parts - add to each part 1 tbsp chia seeds. Add to one part some coconut yogurt to get pink color. 3th part will be just coconut yoghurt and chia seeds.(I socked them for 15min)

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Love those layers, such lovely colours! I'm sure it tasted amazing :)

Thank you dear! Yeah it tastes always good, that's why I put always so much effort because I know it will pay me out:)

This looks absolutely delicious. A glass full of love. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. :)

You are very welcome an d thank you for your nice words:)

Yum!!! 🤗💚🦋

hey, du machst vielleicht tolle Sachen! Vermutlich legst Du wert darauf dass es gesund ist und auch richtig gut aussieht, oder?

ja beides macht mir Spaß und die Augen essen mit:) Danke für deinen Kommentar!

Amazing article, @instagoodfood. I hope to read more from you. I just followed you. I am a big fan of raw food and I found most of the things I know through these 5 movies. Have you heard about them or watched them?