Chia breakfast jar with blueberry smoothie:)

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Hello dear steemit's friends ! Anyone for wild blueberry coconut smoothie with almond milk chia pudding? I prepared this yummy jar yesterday and had it for breakfast today.😉 It was so tasty...Sometimes after such a breakfast I am looking for what I am going to eat for the next meal:)Do you feel the same?


  • 6 tbsp frozen blueberries
  • 200 ml coconut milk 75 %
  • 2 tbsp hemp seeds
  • chia seeds soacked overnight in almond milk

Blend the blueberries with coconut milk. Make some layer using this smoothie and chia pudding.

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This is could switch things up a little bit from my usual recipe. I often add 1:1 portion of oats and chia seeds to balance it up. It could be too jelishish to my liking if it's all chia seeds but I will definitely give it another shot with your recipe and let's see how it turns out :) Nice shot btw :))

Thank you so much! Actually I added here oats too cos the pudding was to leaked:) but normally I use chia seeds only!

Beautiful breakfast! 😍
I say hello to Herman! 🐭

Thanks Monia Herman and I are saying hello back:)

Can I just say how much I love that little mouse?🐭😍
Thanks for sharing the recipe! Your food always looks soooo delicious!! ✨

Thank you:)Herman loves you too:)🐭 You are welcome and I am glad to hear you like my work:)

Congrats, I have featured this delicious recipe on my weekly vegan recipe roundup. Keep crushing it!!! 🤟

Thank you man! I really appreciated it and thanks also for your nice comment!🐭