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Wok & Roast - My favourite place to eat out

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Your still 32 :) it will not change your reputation. I notice sometimes my account says 25 because it is glitching or something, so dont worry ;) i power up because it increases my voting. If you see my upvote it is around 4 cents now at 100% voting power. Depends on steem value at the time as it goes up and down. I believe you will earn more curation also for upvotes. When you power up you cannot get the money out unless you power down. I have never powered down but I believe it takes a while to get it out and only a limited amount. I power up because I have a belief that steem is a good investment for the future and would like to have more power to upvote fellow steemians and good content. Here is a good post I read to explain it in more detail hope this helps and powering up is good if you plan to stay on steem :)

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Thanks Jay, I appreciate 😊