Korean Food Fiesta: Gimbap, Japchae and Mandu

in food •  last year 

gimbap 1.jpg

Have you ever heard and/or tried about the food that I mentioned on the title? They are some of Korean traditional food that are worth trying for. It's delicious and easy to make at home!

Lately, I've been cooking Korean food a lot because my partner loves it. At first, I made Gimbap (seaweed rice rolls) for my partner's lunchbox. He really liked it and asked for more. Even his colleagues asked me if I could prepare Gimbap for their lunchboxes as well. Gimbap looks like sushi but it has more veggies inside. My partner and I now prefer Gimbap rather than Japanese sushi. It's lighter and more delicious :-)



Since the success of Gimbap, I was thinking to give a try another Korean food. This time, I decided to give Japchae (sweet potato noodles stir fry) and Mandu (Korean dumpling) a try. My partner hosted board games night and invited some of his friends so I thought this was a good timing. Besides the two new dishes, I also served Gimbap. And as expected, they all loved it.


Japchae is a stir-fried sweet potato noodle with some veggies and meat. It tastes sweet but so fresh! As for Mandu, it looks like gyoza (Japanese dunpling) but it's made of ground meat and tofu. It's delicious as well :-)


kfc 114.jpg

kfc 117.jpg

If you'd like to try Korean food, you may head to the blog of Maangchi to check some of traditional Korean food. I've been using her recipes all the time and it never fails me. I hope you'll give it a try :-)

Thank you reading.

Clipboard - January 14, 2018 3_59 PM.png

PS: All content and images are original and mine. Photos were taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000.

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We love a Korean bibimbap and we make our own kimchi. So good! Never tried gimbap before!


Hi Amy, how are you doing? Sorry for the late reply. Me too, I love Bibimbap also, it's delicious. I recommend you to try Gimbap. It's also good. I've been planning to make my own kimchi and I've bought all the ingredients but havent put myself in the action :-D

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This all looks so delicious 😋
Thanks for sharing the link!


They look good indeed :-) Hope you give it a try ;-)

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So visually appealing I might die.. I need some.


Hahaha.. these Korean food are to die for! Go grab some ;-)

Hi dear! These Korean food looks like sushi 🍣! I like them , but never i try the korean food!


Yes, they do look like sushi but it has a difference taste. I've been cooking Korean foos lately. We're fan of it. I think you should try too my dear :-)

Everything looks so yummy... and healthy!
I'm not into Korean food... but I might try these, especially the dumplings! 😋


Yes, it does look healthy and it's light! So far, we only tried the popular ones. My partner loves them. But for me, as far as it's Asian food, I love it :-D

Dumpling, sukak banget... Beruntung banget yak jadi partnernya Putri. Perut dimanjain terus :D


Dia menggendut mbak, haha.. tp skrg lagi diet, itulah kenapa akhir2 ini soup itu sering masuk daftar menu :-D


Upvote ya.. :-)

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