#87: Trying Sushi For The First Time 😋

in food •  2 years ago 


I recently tried sushi and totally fell in love with it. I'd avoided it before under the impression that I might not like it but it just proved me soooo wrong! Looking forward to trying various other varieties as well.

Location: Broadway Gourmet Theater, Bangalore, India

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I also love sushi! Take the ginger because it's antibacterial so they serve it with it. Those are fresh but they still have that as a precaution. :)

Oh...I didn't know that... Thanks ☺

looks yummy

Tasted yummy as well ☺

I really enjoy sushi! @ironshield

I've joined the team as well 😋

I love Japanese food especially sushi, you should try to have Tempura, it is my favorite Japanese food <3.

We tried tempura sushi which was delicious as well...will try out prawns the next time 🙂