That's IMPOSSIBLE that isn't real beef!

in food •  7 months ago 

Wait, that looks like the real thing....

Did they accidentally deliver a real burger instead??

Ok, well maybe it's not really it goes.

Takes a few bites: ...actually, yea, there it that a slight vegetable stock aftertaste?
Takes another bite: ...yea, can definitely tell it's not real beef, but NOT BAD!

I was SUCH a meat eater, now my body would rather I I've been on the search for replacements. However, I'm learning that there's no such replacement for a BURGER...

Though this is very heavy for my body (as I imagine, a real beef burger would feel now), I prefer the Impossible Burger (more well done) over the Beyond Burger (more raw feel) being I was more of a "well-done" type person back in my omnivorous years.

Beyond Burger

Maybe I would eat this if I'm at a restaurant and there aren't any clean whole food options on the menu.

But, I much rather eat a portabella sandwich with sauteed sweet onions, with maybe some mustard slapped on a plain hamburger bun (call it a vegan white castle burger, if you will, lol) with homemade fries on the side whenever I start craving for a "burger".

My body is just needing very light and unprocessed foods right now. Apples, berries, maybe rice and broccoli or a stirfry...very simple. Very boring, but my body is so happy when I eat that way. Do what makes me feel happy, right?

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