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CHILEAN CUCHUFLIS ( choo-choo-flees ) are one of those favorite sweets in Chile.


Chile is a very unique country. It is very geographically very isolated from the rest of the world, even South America. To the west is the Pacific ocean. To the east are the Andes Mountains. To the North is the Atacam desert, the driest on the planet. And, to the South, Antartica. So, it's kind of like an island. It is very easy to see why it took a while and several attempts for the Spanish to conquer this place.


I used the word caramel in the title, but these cookies actually contain manjar (maun-har), which is just slightly different than caramel. The Chileans use it a lot in their pastries and desserts.


Basically, cuchuflis are hollow cookie sticks. It is not uncommon for a bundle of cuchuflis to be served as a birthday dessert instead of cake.


This past week, I spent 5 days in Santiago. I am still working on a post about that, but it is not yet ready for prime time. However, I did want to share a photo or two. This first photo is from my hotel looking North East towards the Andes Mountains. This area of town is known as Vitacura and is a very, very nice part of town. If you ever want to travel to Santiago, this is the part of town you want to stay in.


I used this next pic in my last post also, but I just love it, so I am using it again. This is me with 2 of my sisters and one of my brothers goofing off at Parque Aruaco Mall:


I have been threatening this for days, but I promise, a travel post of Santiago is coming, really, I mean it.


I hope you enjoyed these photos. My posts are always focused on the photos and a very, very distant second is my writing ability.

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