Khanom Jin ขนมจีน: A Thai delecacy you really should try

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If you ever find yourself wandering down the street and see a place with Khanom Jin (or Khanom Chin) you really should stop and have a try. Even if you don't like it, it is so cheap that it is worth giving it a go.


Generally speaking, these places tend to also serve fried chicken and you are expected to just pick your own piece from what they will have in a glass box like the box on the left in the picture above. There are many types of sauce that you can put on top of it but i prefer the yellow one which is just called "Naam Yaa Pla" or "Naam Yaa Pu." One is fish and the other one is crab but I have never seen a piece of either in the sauce - I am not familiar with the cooking process but it is delicious.


The tables have a massive selection of vegetables and pickled mixes of vegetables and you can put as much of that on it as you want.

While i wouldn't really consider this to be a meal as it is more of a snack (the word "Khanom" can apply to many words but as far as i know it means snack.)

The noodles are made of rice and are extremely sticky and this is why you will normally see the servers getting you a batch with a wet plastic glove one, otherwise it would just stick all over everything it comes in contact with. This quality disappears once some sauce is put on it.

The noodles and sauce, all the veg you want, a piece of fried chicken fried excellently with garlic, and a bottle of water set me back about 50 Baht - which is around $1.50. I eat this regularly and so do a great many Thai people. This particular Khanom Chin place is normally very busy and their operating hours are 1:30PM until they sell out of food.

You know you are making your product right when you can have hours like that :)

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Eating delicious food seems to add excitement into our lives:-D

Lol those names.
Interesting 😉

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I also like street food very much and though its giving me a fat belly, I could not resist myself.
Khanom jin looks awesome man. With just 1.5$, you are getting a full course meal, what could be better than that.
But again, as you are eating those regularly... Dont forget your work out.. Or you can also gain a little bit extra tummy... 😋

enjoy urself and have a great day!

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I like this

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