Why I'm Gluten Free

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So I've been gluten free for about 4 years now. The most common question I get when I tell people that I don't eat wheat is "what can you eat?" "Easy!" I say, "Potatoes, rice, and everything nice". I actually feel quite satiated in my restricted diet and compared to what I used to feel like, I feel amazing. Back in the day, I used to suffer from severe IBS, aching muscles, fatigue, and compulsive food addiction. I still really really love food, don't get me wrong but I am now able to enjoy my life and eat at the same time. What a freedom it is to be able to go to work and not have to worry about visiting the bathroom a million times to relieve my stomach cramps. Most people that are sensitive to wheat don't even know they are, which was ME. I never thought my symptoms were a result from an allergy to something I was pumping into my body on a daily basis. When I think back on all the times my stomach felt horrible and I thought I was doing myself a favor by eating something bland like Saltine crackers or bread, I cringe. Do I miss the baked goods? Well sometimes, but all I have to do is remember the time when my insides contracted from the ground up and it makes me feel quite ok with my current status.


  1. I can stay up past 6pm

  2. Less bloat

  3. My food digests

  4. My stomach doesn't "back talk" me

  5. I can actually eat more food

  6. Everything is normal again

If you were thinking of going gluten free to see what it will do for you, follow me! I will be posting some amazing recipes that I cook for my family on a daily basis, tricks, trials, and how I survive the gluten free LIFE.

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Don't worry about food just live your life without regrets so your spirit ia free.. The rest will follow.
I live in Bulgaria and most of the foods here are home grown and healthy, you hardly see gluten stuff.. Maybe only in treats and chocolate stuff..

I have stomach problems,
And I already eat less gluten than I used to,
but I don't want to trying to stop eating gluten just yet
because if I do I know I will never be able to start eating them again
since my body won't be used to it anymore.
Neverther the less when push comes to shove I am
more than willingly to completely give up gluten if
it turns out that is the only possible natural way
to get rid of my stomach problems.

And maybe you can recommend me some good gluten free recipes sometime.

I will be posting lots of the things I cook for my family which are gluten free here on my steemit account. This is my first day here :) You are right in saying that once you go off, you probably won't be able to eat gluten again. But trust me, once you feel the effects - you will be happy not to eat gluten! lol