Amazing benefits of broccoli sprouts (+ growing guide!)

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Reduced risk of cancer and depression

Broccoli sprouts contain up to 50 times more sulforafan than broccoli and are easy to grow at home in just a few days!

Sulforafan, among other things, reduces the risk of developing cancer according to researchers at John Hopkins University. One study also showed that sulforaphan is as effective in stress-deprived depression as the antidepressant drug Fluoxetine / Prozac. I got so interested when I first read these studies and decided to grow my own!

Broccoli sprouts are easy to grow and have a peppery flavor. They are tasty at the sandwich, salad or in a smoothie (the substance sulforafan is released when crushed).

Guide: How to grow your own broccoli sprouts at home

This is how I use to grow my sprouts step-by-step. Currently I'm also experimenting with LED-lights. But this way it's really easy to get your own super sprouts in just a few days.

You need a clean jar that lets through light and something that works like a fine mesh. I did not find anything good at the supermarket but at the pharmacy there was this sling in unbleached cotton weave that had big holes to let go of water but not the seeds. I made some small extra holes with a knife. Tighten the cloth with a rubber band.

You can also buy a growing kit, even if it's more expensive.

Pour the broccoli seeds in the jar, put on the cloth and rinse the seeds a few times. Fill the jar with water. Place the jar dark overnight. Rinse the seeds in the morning and allow the water to drain completely. Leave the jar in a dark place for 2-3 days and rinse the seeds 2-3 times a day. Rinsing is important in order not to start to ferment or form mold!

After the 2-3 days you will see that the seeds have begun to sprout. Keep the jar light and continue rinse morning and evening. In the photo you can see the jar on the left that I have just taken out of the dark. The jar on the right has been in the kitchen window for two days. After a couple of days in the light, the broccoli sprouts are ready to eat!

Good luck!

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<3 Moa


That's a fair bit of rinsing, but if it it only takes a few days, it's worth it. That looks super nutritious and would go great in salad.

I love to see all the life growing, it so touched my beautiful heart.
Thanks Moa

Yes it's so amazing! I also love the nature and to see things grow :D Thank you best @laddawan <3

Thanks for sharing this healthy how to! Upped and Resteemed!
I wanted to grow my own seed for a good while and never did. I know the time is now, I have some jars and even the sprouts. Thank you for kicking me in the ass!

Thank you so much for your comment, votes and resteem!! It makes me so happy!
Best of luck with the growing, now is the time!! ;D

And the time is now!

I love sprouts and they are so easy to grow.

Yes they really add awesome nutrition and flavour! Do you have any favourite sprouts? :)

I love sunflower seed sprouts but they are a bit harder to grow (they need soil phase too). Also love mung and adzuki bean sprouts. To be honest I love them all ;)

Oh I want to try them to :D I'm working on a really interesting project right now in urban farming, will show more about it and microgreens soon ;)

Great post and info on how to sprout! I have done lentils before, but I definitely need to try broccoli sprouts next. Especially since they are sooo good for your health! :)

Thank you, I'm so happy you liked it! :) I have never tried to sprout lentils, that something to try! :D

Awesome article.seriously I fear cancer so much.i will try that broccoli sprout.

Thank you so much @gimba :) Hope you'll have a nice day!

No way! This looks like soemthing we could even try out in the van! Thanks for the tutorial!

Yes you could sure grow them in your van, it would be awesome if you did! :D

Hmm I’ve got to have a think about how to do that haha

Dette er jo kjempegodt, men har aldri tenkt på å prøve å dyrke det selv. Nå som du har vist fremgangsmåten, så kan jeg jo prøve dette. Takk for DIY varianten :)

Vad kul att du gillar det! Tack så mycket :D Lycka till med odlingen!!

are we eating micro greens Moa?

btw, keep going!
it's not as easy as before I know but I got your back!
just keep going!

Yes they are awesome micro greens!
Thank you so much for your support and encouraging words - it really means a lot to me!! <3

woohoo love that you added, how to grow your own :D super post great job💖

Thank you so much! I am so glad you like it! :D

woohoo i sure did &&& i will say, il keep buying MYN buut love that i caan grow them yumies my self :D

I love this idea. Can I use different seeds? Probably yes. I was thinking of chia seeds. I will give a go. Thank you so much for your inspiration :)

Yes you can sprout other seeds in the same way :D I have never tried chia but think it will work fine! Thank you so much and best of luck with sprouting the seeds! I'm curious to now if it worked :D

So interesting 😉 check my channel and see my food posts 🙏💘

Thank you! Nice recipes, looks delicious! ;)

Thats really good, it looks like cress

Yes it's similar to cress but a bit bigger sprouts and more peppery :)

I will definately try them, taste great in a sandwich as I like peppery taste. Do you like my posts, they are different from yours

Hope you'll like them! :D Now following you, nice posts!

Hey beautiful share I love growing my own sprouts as well. I make my own 5 part blend of broccoli, alfalfa, radish, mung bean and green lentials. Such an easy way to get high quality nutritions. Thank you so much for the post.

Hi :) Oh radish sprouts are so good! Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

Cool! I will try to do it at home hihi ;) Thanks, you made it look really easy and doable. Looking forward to more of your how-to posts.

Wihoo do it! Thank you so much!! Best of luck with the growing :D

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Sprouting greatly enhances the nutrient profile of seeds and grains. Broccoli sprouts especially are loaded with antioxidants.

Yes they are sooo good (and tasty)! :)

But why should I excuse your username? You chose it on purpose, didn't you?! So straighten out your crown and steem on!

You have a good point, I should not excuse myself even if I was joking when choosing my username and sometimes regret it. Thank you for your encouragement! :)

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I love making my own sprouts! It is so healthy and delicious on salads or cooked food. Thank you for sharing this Moa! Love, Niina