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RE: Grandpa Gotta Cook—Homemade Grilled Individual Pizzas

in #food3 years ago

Wow. I never would have imagined that making your own pizzas could be so complicated @glenalbrethsen.

We often do it with kids here where they roll out the dough an add their own toppings but they are down in the oven. I've never actually done it but both my kids went to birthday parties where this was the main activity.

They looked very tasty though. Great job! 😊


hey, @gillianpearce.

I think part of it was in my attempt to accommodate everyone, I ended up over complicating things. I think if I make the changes it will work out pretty well the next time. Less cooking time, and less sticking. :)

Yep. It sounded like you got the hand of it by the end @glenalbrethsen. 😁

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