Spicy Lemon Basil & Spearmint Pickles: New, Exciting, Festive Recipe from our Über Dank Pantry for Your Season's Eatings!

in food •  11 months ago

We want to make your feasts more epic than ever!

We have an inspired line of Über Dank Pantry preserves that can turn any meal into a festive celebration, and we offer them to you through honorable exchange that can benefit ALL!

These SPICY LEMON BASIL & SPEARMINT PICKLES combine Cucumber, Apple Spearmint, Cayenne Vinegar, Lemon Basil Seed & Stalk, Spearmint Seed & Stalk, Poblano Pepper, Sugar, Salt, Grape Leaf, and Filtered Water for a once-in-a-lifetime-taste sensation that is unlikely to ever be made again! Try it with meat or veggies.

The cucumbers are grown in our organic garden. Our homemade vinegars take weeks to process (that's right, we MAKE our own vinegars!). Herbs, spices, and seeds are customized for each batch. Even the leaf at the bottom of the jar--important for providing tannins that keep the pickle crispy--comes from our own land! 

We are honored to preserve and share this delicious recipe from our garden and hope you enjoy using or gifting it as much as we do! 

Like all of our cooking, we prepare these over rocket stoves we built by hand out of earthen materials. We burn salvaged wood rescued from the landfills as fuel, which not only reduces waste and pollution, but completely bypasses natural gas, petroleum, and electric conglomerate super powers and the devastating system they support.

Not only are all ingredients sustainably sourced and hand crafted, but this recipe is a rare and exciting flavor combination, making it a healthy alchemy that is oh so festive and enjoyable!

Our SPICY LEMON BASIL & SPEARMINT PICKLES are offered for barter or trade right here on Steemit, as well as on the Peerhub Marketplace & our website, so you can order it with USD, BTC, or STEEM to impress your friends and loved ones with fantastic flavors and amazing alchemies straight from the earth & our hearth!

We're creating exceptional and unique flavors to preserve our harvest every day in our sustainable outdoor kitchen, and we offer our abundance to you to co-create the new economy!

The resources we exchange for them are already dedicated towards helping people & our planet!

We assign fair and reasonable value to our one-of-a-kind products, and we will happily entertain barter and trade or monetary offers in both fiat and crypto for them. Of course, we would be honored to exchange our high vibe preserves for $teem or SBD, because doing so strengthens the entire $teem economy. That's a win for you, a win for us, and a win for our entire living planet! 

Like all of the goods and services we offer, all items in our Über Dank Pantry are up for exchange towards building a better world for ALL! 

As always, we promise to pay forward all resources we generate:

All Proceeds Are Dedicated To A New Paradigm

100% of all proceeds go to feeding, housing, educating and healing those in need. 

Every year, we

- feed tens of thousands of meals
- save hundreds of thousands of pounds of trash from the landfill
- achieve a negative zero carbon footprint
- house dozens of people who need shelter
- educate tens of thousands of individuals all over the world through our media outlets about natural, holistic, & wholesome approaches to food, health, parenting, relationships, business, and the law
- provide training to hundreds of volunteers in sustainable practices that honor our planet
- inspire one and all that anything is possible & there's more than enough of everything!

Instead of charging for our goods and services, we offer wonderful handmade and sustainably sourced products by donation to raise funds to sponsor our humanitarian outreach.

Ordering an item or two (or twelve!) from our Über Dank Pantry is a delicious way to give a gift to someone you love (or yourself!) while embodying real values to BE the change we want to see in this world! 

Season's Eatings!!! 

All products in this post are made right here in The Garden of Eden, and we take all photos ourselves. We make all logos, banners, headers, footers etc. with our in-house design team @truthproductions

Because we stand in support of the greatest good & especially the revolutionary potential of this platform, we've never cashed out any $teem or even powered down - which is good for everyone! This means that when you upvote our posts, you are increasing the value of your own $teem wealth as well! 

Do you believe our efforts are valuable and beneficial for the world? 

Can you match our annual contributions of feeding 40,000, saving 350,000 pounds of trash from the landfill, achieving a negative carbon footprint, providing a safe space for families and children to thrive, and educating hundreds of thousands of people for free?? If you don't have the time or manpower to change the world in this way, then consider sharing your resources so we can do the work for you! 

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These are some pretty pickles.


They sure are!

It lloks deliciouse, Thanks for sharing it I am just waiting for Your post
A healthy food , You are always doing good keep it Up
I wish you all the best Thanks


this is amazing and must be delicious thank you garden of Eden


You're welcome!

The pickles are very good with everyone, I have never tried basil with mint and lemon, it may be good to prepare some protein


These pickles are tasty with hamburgers or other meats

Come on, lemon - basil - pickles... have I died and gone to ☁️☁️☁️☁️


These pickles are getting better and different every time it's good that they always have something different to offer


Yes we make new foods and flavors every single day!

Here in my country we usually use pickles for a dish called hallaca but the pickled always is carrot and colifror are not varied


Interesting. We make pickles out of a variety of veggies, herbs, and spices!

Have you added salt to him?
I think it should be as in my knowledge


Salt is an essential element of pickle making.

You had me at Basil. Since they're in slices, they would probably be great on burgers! Add a little kick to it and still have that sweet basil taste.


Mmmmmmhhhhhhmmmm! Definitely burger topping pickles! Maybe with a dash of tabasco...

I love those preserves and my admiration reaches the limit, when they comment that you make your own vinegar, I am addicted to the recipes made with vinaigrettes, especially the pickles must be very rich, how much I would like, try so many recipes, that only see the photos, mouth watering, once again thank you on behalf of all your guests and volunteers @ gardenofeden


Thank you @perlanacarada! Yes these have many layers of deliciousness and sustainability. We grow the veggies and herbs, make our own vinegars, and even build the stoves they are canned on by hand out of dirt!

This is very delicious food i like it. Keep it up.

This pickle is new innovation. Nice pickle. Good post.

yes yes yes delicious


And sustainable!

Thank you so much! The opportunity to meet new people @eloniy :)

This is not fair Man @goldenofeden you made water in my mouth it look spicy so tasty wowed like 👍🏻 Can you please send me up as a brother I'll be your good friend then.. hope it could be possible 👌🏻✅


Hahahaha are you trying to bribe us with friendship?


Hahaha I don't bribe my friend but I think you made me so. Because I love pickle and you can't send to me so what I am suppose to do ☝️👌🏻

This is the delicious food, i like this cooking.


greetings friends steemit ... follow me