Giving Away Free Food on Christmas: Celebrating This Holiday Like We Celebrate Every Day in the Garden of Eden!! 🎄

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There's more than enough of everything, and we're dedicated to sharing the abundance!!!!

Rather than buying gifts for this lovely Christmas Day in the Garden of Eden, we are focused on giving, helping, and sharing! 

It is our honor and privilege to share what we have, because we want to live in a world where people take care of one another. 

On this bright holiday - just like every other day - we are giving away free food!!! Led by @quinneaker, we woke early to load thousands of dollars of food to give away! 

Every single day, we prepare delicious, nutritious, sustainable food in our outdoor kitchen over rocket stoves we built by hand out of dirt. We're happy to share our excess, and we hope to inspire our extended community to take care of each other!

If each person would take care of one other person, then everyone on Earth would be provided for. The resources are available - the solutions are there! All we have to do is clarify our values, and live them as priorities.

If you or anyone you know needs food today - or any day! - please contact us. We will give you free food, no questions asked. 

We also have enough clothing and blankets to provide for anyone who needs them.

We are happy & grateful to share our abundance - there's more than enough of everything! If you or anyone you know wants or needs food, contact us - we will give you free food, no questions asked. We make this offer every single day, because we are here to help one and all.

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Blessed be~*~

I totally support what you are doing!
We have approx 85 home-free people in the Sedona area ,a town of 11,000. There are no shelters in this area except one in Flagstaff that's always at capacity. They are being supported only by volunteers and private donations. Yes, we do what we can, because it's right. Blessings

Thank you! Glad to hear you are doing what you can to make the world a better place @oasis-in-arizona! We hope more people than ever will be inspired to BE the change!!

such a great initiative, guys!!! THANK YOU! I live in paradise also, in an Eco-village, the best place on Earth, surrounded by thousands of alternative people!!! But in Europe, so not close by you :) We all do our part in every corner that we live, aren't we? :)
I really agree how you just summarized it "The resources are available - the solutions are there!"

YES! If we all did our part to take care of the Earth & each other, no one would be in need & our planet would thrive. Anything is possible!!!
Where do you live, @purplemoon?

Love seeing these kinds of things. Christmas is the time of giving and I simply love watching videos and reading posts of people sharing and giving their goods to those in need. Really appreciate your generosity, put a smile on my face :D Upvoted!

Would be greatly appreciated if you could provide any kind of feedback on my blogs, whenever you get a chance. It will encourage me to keep doing better and help me on my journey. Thanks!


Thank you, we're so happy to inspire! It's up to each and every one of us to be the change we want to see in this world!

AMAZING what you guys do! Thank you, and a very Merry Christmas to you all. :-D

Thank you! Merry Christmas :)

That just made me hungry...
And you just got yourself a new follower.

Thank you @bitton!

I love what you all are doing!

Thank you!

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Bless your heart. Merry Christmas


Great idea man so kind of you....

All by the vision of @quinneaker!

Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays 🍻

Happy holidays!

Looks delicious!!

Yes we are happy to share delicious, nutritious, free food with anyone who needs it!

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The true spirit of Christmas. Warmest wishes for the season to all at Garden of Eden from Down Under