Another story about a free chicken?

in food •  2 months ago

No this isn't another weird mushroom I found in the park and ate. There may not be any such thing as a free lunch but in America there is such thing as a free dinner.

hmm, it expired in 2017!

I was picking up a few things at the grocery the other day but when it got to the rotisserie chicken area there were no chickens available. This grocery store has a policy:


It was 4:17, no chickens, so I went to the customer service desk and informed them that there were no chickens,

"Um Ok"

"Well it's after 4 and if there are no chickens then you are supposed to get a coupon"

"Do we have any free chicken coupons?" he says into a speaker in the wall and then a moment later he produces my chicken coupon.

I finished the rest of my shopping and then the new chickens were almost ready, I thought about shouting "Hey everyone these chickens are all free if you go to the customer service desk!" but I decided not to blow up the spot.


So there you have it, a fresh hot chicken totally free of charge, only in America?

Here is a story about another free chicken I enjoyed recently.

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What if cheeseburgers were like healthcare?

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wow, that's quite a emoticon!

It's elegant not just excellent!

I could just picture you announcing free chickens to everyone. Yeah it's better to keep that little secret under wraps, wouldn't want them to stop giving out free coupons.


That was the dilemma. If those people don't read the sign that's their fault.

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at least you didn't have to kill someone


lol, I haven't see that show.
Today was a good day, I didn't have to use my AK. It is early yet though.