Our First Cook at New House- Teriyaki Turkey and Ravioli with Pesto

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Yesterday we cook some food with my girlfriend. I am student who lives by my own and i don't cook any meal. Generally i order them or buy them even breakfast. So last day we decided to cook dinner and eat with wine. It was little challenging for us.


Thi first idea was Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce but we could not find any chicken on super-market. So we saw turkey and decided to make it with Teriyaki sauce.


We added those:

  • Oil
  • Red pepper
  • Green pepper
  • Garlic
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Black pepper
  • Salt

And other meal was Ravioli with cheese and Pesto Sauce. We cooked ravioli 5 minute then added pesto sauce.

Both are very delicious and cooked slow but eaten very fast. Wine was also nice.


We decided to cook dessert. there is not any name in English but Turkish name is 'Helva'

This dessert made by milk, butter, sugar and flour. You can cook them 45 minute by adding one by one. In the end it was very good.

Thank You


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Looks nice, wouldn't think of teriyaki with turkey, but will try it out:)

Super! Could use more pictures though... but I really like that we both are doing the same thing: cooking with pictures! Here is some of my work!


Cutting MANGO like a pro

Sea Bream
3 (2).png

Ravioli with herbs

Vegetable Quiche

Hope you try it out!
Following you for more!


Nice photos but i want to use my own pictures for creating new content

Super - original content is what Steem should be all about

ım hungry buddy :)

I love meat and more sauce. looks very appetizing.

i need to try making this helva stuff :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Bon Appetit. I was happy to see helva on this page. turkish discourse: hands health ...(ellerine sağlık) helva is a nice sweet choice.

Supper your girlfriend cook . I like this food . Best of luck .
upvote and resteemed done

Enjoy your own made dishes.Halwa dish in Pakistan is very famous. Especially "sohan halwa"

Congrats! I am waiting for new oven to be installed. Hope this will convince me to try and actually make some food :)

100% vote for you. Nice sauce