Best Foods of This Month: Some Lamb Meat in Fire Pit, Great Sushi and Fresh Salad

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Hey Stemians,

Today i will talk about food again :) But i will share you three food that deserves to be shared. We can say those three dishes are the best foods of this month for me.

There will be Japanese Cuisine , Turkish Cuisine and A World Salad.

So lets start with the first one.

#1 The Whole Lamb in Fire Pit ( Kuzu Çevirme )

This might be a little expensive food because you cook whole lamb on fire. This one is cooked on fire pit for 6 hours. Cooked slowly with many spices and herbs. At the end it was delicious and very soft meat.

Cooking Lamb in fire pit is traditional food for crowded guests in Asia and Turkey. 20-25 people can easly be sated with this whole lamb and trust me we did. The meat restaurant was also very nice and have great service.


#2 The Sweet Sour Soup, Sushi and Edamame

I have been always great fan of sushi and far East foods. I also like this soup very much because it have many herbs, spices inside of it and when you feel cold or ill just drink it up. You will be fine in next day.

  • Sweet Sour Soup

Many special ingredients in it. Herbs, spices, ginger and chicken.

  • California Roll Sushi

It is the most common sushi in the Turkey, cold sushi with crab meat and cucumber plus caviar.

  • Philly Roll Sushi

This is my favorite one. It served hot and crispy and there is eel meat inside of it.

  • Edamame

Boiled beans whit salt.


The Chicken Salad with Kinoa Seeds.

It seems like normal casual salad but trust me it is not. It is made by very fresh herbs and verdures. With some special sauces like pomegranate sauce ( the black colored sauce) it's taste is very satisfying.



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That slow-roasted whole lamb from the fire pit looks delicious :)

Damn I'm hungry .. Thanks for the pictures
Good for you .. I really liked the place
Well done great post

I'm feeling hungry now :p

Mmmh, now i'm really hungry

🎉 Congrats 🍾

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It is a success, you truly deserved. It is an achievement you have truly earned. Well Done.

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The chicken salad looks delicious,well flavored .Very true a lamb that is cooked for along time,will soak in flavors really well.

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Love how you explain everything in detail. Anyway hope you can have a look of my blog THX!!

This looks tasty and delicious. I wish i could cook like you. But these recipes i must say in Nigeria are quite difficult to get. I would like to lay my hand on cooking very soon.

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Güzel paylaşımlara devam ediyorsun maşallah...

Hi friend .. you should not eat alone ..
next time Call me too :)

Are you a well eater :)

yess .. İ m turk ..
It is very important to eat in our country..

masa gayet hoş duruyor..

Adam yiyor ama çalışıyor :D

Hellim Salata ile son buldu fotoğraf şölenimiz :D Afiyetler olsun

Subliminal reklam yapıyorum orda, 100 bin $ karşılıgında :)

Buen post! muy buenas las fotos.

Someone who shares good words like you. To tell to introduce Turkey and Turkish cuisine is very pleasant. Do you like Istanbul. Did you learn Turkish?

Evey Türküm :)

iyi buna sevindim. artık google translate gerek kalmadı :)

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Its very healthy very Yummy

I like to eat salads on summer days, but not only those which contains just greens and I get hungry after half an hour 😉. The kinoa salad you had sounds nice! Can you tell a little more about what herbs did they add? Was in pomegranate juice and lemon or vinegar added? I love pomegranate so much, that I would add along the juice some whole peaces of it.

This really got my attention. Well explanatory with an attractive pictures. I hope to try this some day

tasted so delicious, sometime when I can taste it 😀

Really good post. I love eating and cooking lamb. You can't get much better than grilled lamb. Also a big sushi fan, the only problem is my wife doesn't like it. I have to pick and choose when i eat sushi.

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