Getting fat in Texas and loving every moment of it :)

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Where does my unconditional love for Texas come from?

After driving for over 5000 km (3100 miles for you weirdos out there) through the Lone Star State here are my guesses, for the pleasure of your viewing:

  • Loaded baked potato the size of my head. And as you can see in my introduction, I do have a huge head.
  • (Clickbait alert - head is normal. At least on the outside.)

  • A bucket of butter for a party of 3. A damn BUCKET.

  • A steak so tender I could cut it with my sense of humour.

  • Even the cheapest motels deliver a sophisticated local food experience.

  • You could't find anything less vegan if you tried.

  • Need I say more?

    And of course I love Texas because each time I hear 'ma'am' from below a cowboy hat my heart melts, but let's face it - butter melting on my corn on the cob is the only melting I really care about :D

    I also took some of the pictures with my cereal box camera, so shut up.


    Kasia @fluff

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Upvote for my home state!

Damnit! I'm so hungry know! Thanks! lol glad you had a great trip!!

I was born in Texas, and although I travel the world, I do miss the vast selection of amazing Texas food. If you go to Houston, many flavors of the world are represented. A street I used to live on had Indian, Sri Lankan, German, American (of course), Mexican, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, French, Brazilian, Argentine, Bosnian, Persian, and Greek restaurants in a span of only two miles. And they were all very good!