🍷 Have fun in the Roselle Festival! 洛神花季來囉!

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How have you been, my friends?

This time in Taitung, Taiwan, the roselle flowers are turning ruby red. The flowers are blooming on the farms telling everyone, it’s the season farmers are going to have a big harvest and also the time for people to explore both the beauty and fabulous taste of the lovely plant!

Look at the color! That’s the reason why it’s been called the “plant ruby!”

To let more people get to know roselle flowers better, there are activities for people to experience how to pluck the flowers and make them into delicious jam, juice or some season dish if you like!

In the photo, people are using a bar, to take out the center part of roselle, and the flower will be cleaned and then preserved with sugar.

voila! That’s the look how roselle flowers look as they are on the farm.

Nowadays people not only have it as snacks but also put the sugared roselle flowers into salad or bread to add flavor to the dish. Moreover, some people make tea with this roselle flowers and declare due to its rich of fiber, the drink would help to stay healthy and keep slim!

Well, I believe if people want to take it as some heathy food or drink, they must don’t have it to go with too much biscuits or sweet!😆




During the activity, I also took part in the flower clean-up with my girl, and found it was not that easy as it looks! But that was fun to look at the roselle flowers in such close distance and get to know how to turn the lovely plants into something yummy!

I did have a good time and hope you guys too!
Have a nice weekend!😘





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Thank you for reading!
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Much love!😘


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A very interesting story on beautiful flowers. What a pity that we cannot transfer tastes and smells via the internet.

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Nice speech and awesome photography.

Glad you like it!👍

Nice speech and awesome photography.

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