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Dear steemians,


I am 30 years old and I am "multi intolerant" to gluten, glucose, lactose, baking powder, cocoa, caffeine, alcohol ... :). My life is fun right ? XD

I decided to write a series of blogs about Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants.
I want to share with you my culinary discoveries!

I knew the application "The Happy Cow" thanks to a steemian and I thank him very much because it is super useful!!!
You can see all the vegan and vegetarian restaurant, around you !!!! use this app every day :).

Today, I was in Figueras for testing a vegan restaurant.



Figueres is a city of Catalonia, near the border French. it is very famous because that's where Salvador Dalí was born in 1904. you can visit his theater Museum he built in 1960. I would recommend it, it is really amazing!


If you want to eat before or after your visit, here is a great Vegan restaurant.
"Integral" is often full so it's better to reserve a table.
The menu changes every day. There are few dishes offered as the products are fresh of the day.


Everything is cooking in front of the client as you can see here…


first, I have chosen this cream with celery, pumpkin and parsley. Very tasty!!!


Then I chose polenta with mushrooms and zucchini. It was accompanied by: wole rice, beans and sprouted seeds. Salad, carrots and red cabbage. Hummus and corn chips.
A very good mix of flavors !!!


In desert, the best moment for me 😊. I tasted this lemon cake. Just Delicious…!



  • nice decoration
  • friendly staff
  • fast service
  • affordable prices
  • healthy food, fresh and seasonal produce
  • open kitchen


  • menu of the day in Catalan only (language of Catalonia)
  • noisy as high ceilings




After lunch, I walked in the village. and I have found this lovely place to drink tea. that's my small ritual of the day. Not 1 day without my tea dose ^^.



See you soon, for a new place!






Had some orange juice other day thought i was gonna die ... i kept getting migraines and found out it was the orange juice doing it ... wonderful post ... food allergies will sure shut a person down quick...

Hummmm so yummy 🤗


the hotel ambience looks nice and the food look great, but am not much of a vegan, love the photos they are done well

Thanks @joemdegz!
Actually I'm not 100% vegan. I eat meat and fish, but in small quantity... 😉


i lovee your work this post is amazingg

Thank you so much @tracy19! 😙

you're so nice)
i think much about vegan food, i am going to it in my soul)
i will be glad to read more from you)

Thank you very much @taliakerch ! I learn every day about this food and it love it. I removed gluten, lactose and white sugar from my diet and I see incredible effects on my body. Weight loss (1 size in 1 month), more energy, less fatigue, more problems of digestion ... It's amazing! I advise those who want a real change. At the moment I am not totally vegan because I sometimes eat eggs, meat and seafood. But in very small quantities.

Have a good day ! 😊😊😊

I eat seafood and meat as well< I think in small quantities it's obligatory and useful
I think starch, fat and some oils are awful too.
what is your opinion about the raw food diet?
I read much about it now, it seems to me there is much wisdom in it

Yes everything is a question of quantity I totally agree with you! What are you calling "the raw food diet"?

when a man eats everything without thermal cooking, just as it is in nature, species, salt - ok, any mixes but without boiling and frying. maybe translation is wrong( don't know the term in english
сыроедение in Russian

OK. I see. A little bit strict for me... Do you want to try this diet ?

Good food, beautiful pictures.Thanks, for sharing these. Food looks really amazing.

Thank you so much @firepower!!! 😙

You're most welcome. :)

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